The Circle-A Killings by Sean Heary

I am thrilled to be included in the blog tour for The Circle-A Killings by Sean Heary @Sean_Heary run by the wonderful Kelly Lacey of #LoveBookTours @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours This is such an exciting time for any author, it is lovely to get involved and I am delighted that Sean took time to grant me an interview when he is so busy.

The Blurb

Returning from Moscow, Lorenzo Rossi finds himself forced to quit his job as head of the Vatican police. And to make matters worse, his fiancée, CIA Agent Cathy Doherty, calls off their wedding. Just as Rossi is settling into his new life as a visiting academic at Cambridge University, the CIA persuades him to rejoin Cathy in catching the killer of three American billionaires. Barely on speaking terms, the two devise a plan to befriend the CIA’s main suspect.

As they get closer to the suspect and his coterie of friends, Rossi and Cathy realise that they’re being played for fools. But why? Everything points to an international conspiracy. As friends and foes drop dead around them, they arrive at the truth. But to prove it they need to set a trap. A trap that turns them from hunter to prey. Will they survive to tell their tale?

The Interview

What inspired you to write your book?

While writing ‘The Concordat’ I felt so strongly about the two chief characters that I couldn’t resist writing the sequel. While it’s more rewarding if you read ‘The Concordat’ first, I’ve written ‘The Circle-A Killings’ as a standalone story. Readers will not only be lured into solving the mystery, but will find themselves rooting for Rossi and Cathy before they too fall victims of the conspiracy.

Who is your favourite character in your book and why?

My favourite character has to be the sympathetic but very flawed protagonist Lorenzo Rossi. He’s a genuinely decent guy with his own set of values.

What was the first story you had published?

‘The Concordat’ in July 2018. I base the story around Lorenzo Rossi, head of the Vatican Police, who is sent to recover a written agreement (Concordat), between the Vatican and Adolf Hitler which the Vatican’s leadership has dismissed as a forgery.

Do you have another story planned or in progress? When can we expect to see that?

I’ve already mapped out the plot for the third book in the Rossi series. I’m about 70 pages into the story. The working title is ‘From a Position of Strength’.

Again, it involves the CIA and Russia, but this time also includes the Chinese—the rising super power.

Can’t tell you much more at this stage. Other than look out for it towards the end of next year.

Who is your favourite author?

In my favourite genre, spy thrillers, my favourite authors are John le Carré (Absolute Friends is one of my favourite) and Graham Greene (Our Man in Havana had me smiling from cover to cover). And when I’m in need of a cultural injection, it’s usually James Joyce, Thomas Hardy or Evelyn Waugh (Scoop is superb).

What do you like to do when you’re not planning or writing your next book?

I have two school aged kids, so most of my spare time is booked for homework and clubs.

My wife and I liked to eat out a lot—most school days we lunch at one of the dozen or so cafes that run off our street.

I like to keep fit. But it comes in fits and spurts. Swimming or running (read as jogging). And when it’s dark and wet, some aerobics in front of the television or weights at the gym.

When did you know you wanted to write novels?

I always had an artistic streak, but I never seriously considered writing until about six years ago when I was still in Moscow. After 10 years living a stone’s throw away from the Kremlin I started to think there was a story in there somewhere.

Do you write novels in other genres?

After ‘The Concordat’ I started a children’s adventure based on bedtime stories I used to tell my son. I got about fifty pages in before Rossi called me back to write ‘The Circle-A Killings’

Now I’ve begun the third book in the series, I guess my children’s book must wait.

What do you like most about being an author?

I like to write stories that enables me to communicate my concerns about modern politics and the state of the world without being seen to preach.

Do you have a specific routine for writing?  Is there a special place or particular tool you use?

I like to write in the morning when fresh. I wrote both ‘The Concordat’ and ‘The Circle-A Killings’ in a café/cocktail bar 200 metres from my flat. I always wear earphones that are plugged into my laptop without the sound to block out the background noise. I usually sit tucked away in the corner for 3 cortados (read three hours) then go and meet my wife for lunch.

If your book were to be made into an Audiobook, who would you choose to read it?

Without a doubt: Alec Guinness. George Smiley is my all-time favourite John le Carré character. And no one played Smiley better than Alec Guinness.

However, given Sir Alec passed away 20 years ago, I’ll settle for Jeremy Irons (if he’s available).

If your book were to be made into a movie, who would you like to play main character’s name?

Funny you should ask. I wrote The Concordat with a movie in mind. Dreams, dreams, dreams. Hard to imagine after Borat, but Sacha Baron Cohen would make a great Rossi. If he’s busy then the American actor, Joe Manganiello.

The Author

Sean Heary is a former business executive who lived for many years only a stone’s throw from the Kremlin. No wonder he writes political thrillers. He also worked for several years in Tashkent, Uzbekistan where he met his wife. Born and raised in Australia, Sean now makes Bonn, Germany his home.

Sean’s action packed, page-turning debut novel, The Concordat, was published in July 2018. His second novel, The Circle-A Killings, will be released in June 2020.


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