The Granville Legacy by Patricia M. Osborne

The Granville Legacy is the third book in the House of Grace Trilogy by Patricia M. Osborne. It is not a genre I would normally choose, but I am so glad that I made an exception in this case. Each of the novels is excellent and the trilogy should be read in order. As the story progresses the Granville family grows and the characters are beautifully drawn and developed.

The Blurb
Can George step into his grandfather’s shoes?
Assuming his title as Lord Granville is no easy task for coal miner’s son, George Gilmore.George doesn’t possess the late Lord Granville’s ruthless streak but what happens if his loved ones are threatened? How can he support his mother, Grace, through her devasting loss? Will the family rally round? Can George step into his grandfather’s shoes?
Journey through the 80s in this family saga unravelling heartbreak, family conflict, romance, fashion, and much more.
‘The Granville Legacy’ is the final book in the House of Grace trilogy.

The Review
This third and final part of the House of Grace trilogy is beautifully written. In The Granville Legacy, author Patricia M. Osborne completes a literary triumphwith the finesse and aplomb her readers have come to expect.
As always, life does not go smoothly for the family and not only Grace but also George and Alice have struggles to overcome as well as happy times to enjoy.
The characters are beautifully drawn and eminently believable. However, I did find the deeply close relationship between George and his former teacher a slight stretch of the imagination and the speed with which George’s relationship with Mandy developed was surprising, although it did contrast well with Alice’s marriage. To be honest, these are extremely small niggles with a such marvellous novel.
I thoroughly enjoyed The Granville Legacy. it provides a most satisfying conclusion to The House of Grace trilogy and I highly recommend it. I am sure it would appeal not only to those who enjoy family sagas, but also those who enjoy romance novels, historical novels and everybody who enjoys a great story.

The Author
Patricia M Osborne is married with three grown-up children and six grandchildren. She was born in Liverpool but now lives in West Sussex. In February 2019, she graduated with an MA in Creative Writing (Merit) via the University of Brighton. She is a novelist, poet, and short story writer. When she’s not working on her own writing, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and acts as a mentor to fellow writers.
In 2017 she was a Poet in Residence at a local Victorian Park in Crawley and her poetry was exhibited throughout the park. In 2019 her poetry was on display at Crawley Museum.Patricia has had numerous poems and short stories published in various literary magazines and anthologies.
Val Penny


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  1. Thank you for a great review, Val. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the trilogy. I loved writing it.


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