Impervious by A J Hatley

I am thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour for Impervious by AJ Hatley run by the incredible Kelly Lacey of Love Books Group

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The Blurb

Trina Warren didn’t plan on being anyone’s hero. She planned on going to fourth period as normal. But then there was a bang, and an overturned chair and everything was different.

Now Trina finds herself in a fantasy world, pursued by a faceless, nameless monster that only she can stop. Just one second is all it takes for Trina to turn from a regular clumsy high school girl, to a monster-fighting warrior. Just one second is all it takes for everything to change …

The Excerpt

Treysville was, her friends agreed, literally the Worst Place in the World: a rural backwater almost exactly an hour and a half drive from anywhere, Charlotte, Raleigh, even Greensboro. It was a town just far enough from the interstate to be convenient for nothing, a sprawling line of low-rent strip malls, car dealerships, fast food joints, gas stations, and diners. It was at one of those – Jimmy-Jack’s – that Trina made a few bucks waitressing after school, with varying degrees of incompetence. It hadn’t always been like this. Predating the strip, Treysville had a run-down town centre with a church and a courthouse, and on the east side was a mostly disused set of railroad sidings that once served the now-defunct furniture business, but that was about it; there were a few farms, but mostly the school kids all came from the same nondescript houses, beyond which were equally nondescript trees and hills, scraggy and undramatic. Who could blame Trina and Jasmine for wanting out?

So school, which had been mostly boring, something that got in the way of Trina’s reading, videogaming and quiet longhand scribbling in the notebooks she hoped to turn into a fantasy novel, had become a trial by ordeal. Survive the ordeal and you were rewarded with escape into a new world, new possibilities. Trina tried to keep that in mind, but the trial itself seemed endless.

The Author

Though I live in the USA now (where all my books were first published), I was born and grew up in Lancashire. After attending Manchester University I left the UK to work in Japan, and eventually wound up in graduate school in Boston. I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I teach Shakespeare at university there.

I’ve written long fiction all my life, and started publishing novels (mainly with Penguin) in 2005. I write for kids and adults, and (as you’ll see if you poke around) in various genres. Can’t seem to limit myself to one kind of story 🙂

I’m married with a son, and various animals, one of which–the dog–promises to be the size of a horse soon. I make beer and, occasionally furniture. I used to paint (not especially well) and play guitar and piano (likewise) but I struggle to find the time these days.

I hope you like my stuff. Drop me a line through my main website, or through facebook or twitter. I’m easy to find.


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