Rough and Deadly by Paula Williams

I have just finished the second in Paula Williams series of novels set in Much Winchmoor, Rough and Deadly. Having said that, the book works perfectly well as a stand-alone.

I have read and enjoyed the first book in the series, Murder Served Cold and it was fun to be re-united with Kat Latcham, her on/off boyfriend Will, friend Jules and her parents. Kat’s mother is still running her salon from the front room and her cooking has not improved. However, that is not the only catering issue in the village. Everyone knows Abe Compton’s Headbender cider is as rough as a cider can get. But when the lady of the manor, Margot Duckett-Trimble is murdered, she is found face down in a vat of his cider, a drink she volubly disliked.

Kat’s aunt, comes to stay because she has separated from her husband, Kat’s uncle Richard. She may have known Margot from a previous meeting. The little Somerset village of Much Winchmoor is fast gaining a reputation as the murder capital of the West Country and Kat’s Aunt Tracy decides to stay.

Soon, it is found there is a murderer running loose in the community, but when Abe is arrested, Kat who has known him all her life, is sure that, although he had motive, he didn’t kill Margot. She is determined to investigate but the murderer strikes again. As Kat gets nearer to finding out who the real killer is, the closer to danger she becomes.

This second Much Winchmoor mystery is once again full of humour and sprinkled with romance. The cast of colourful characters, known and new include a manic little dog called Prescott whose bite is definitely worse than his bark.

I really enjoy Paula Williams novels and Rough and Deadly is no exception. I highly recommend it to all who enjoy a good mystery tied up in a well written book.

The Author

Paula Williams has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil but she’s been making up stories since she was old enough to speak, although her early attempts were more of the “It wasn’t me, Mum, honest. It was him” genre.

Her first ‘serious’ effort was a pageant she wrote at the age of nine to celebrate St George’s Day. Not only was she the writer, but producer, set designer and casting director, which was how she came to have the title role. She also bullied and blackmailed her three younger brothers into taking the supporting roles, something they still claim to be traumatised by.

Many years later, this pageant became the inspiration for her first publishable short story, Angels on Oil Drums, which she sold to the UK magazine Woman’s Weekly. Since then she’s had over four hundred short stories and serials published in the UK and overseas. She also has a number of novels in large print which are available in libraries.

With the changing face of the magazine market, Paula now focuses her attention on her first love, crime fiction and is busy planning and writing a whole series of Much Winchmoor mysteries. She is a proud member of both the Crime Writers’ Association and the Romantic Novelists’ Association. She also writes a monthly column, Ideas Store, for the UK writers’ magazine, Writers’ Forum and for the last five years has written the pantomime for her local village Theatre Group. She still hasn’t run out of things to write about and is waiting for someone to invent the thirty hour day.

She has two grown up sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law and three gorgeous grandchildren. She lives in Somerset with her husband and a handsome rescue Dalmatian called Duke who is completely bonkers and appears frequently on her blog. (The dog, not the husband!)

Val Penny


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  1. I loved this one, Val – an easy five stars from me!


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