Assassin by Day and Catalyst by Night by guest author, Tessa Robertson

We are really in luck today! Best-selling author Tessa Robertson has agreed to share excerpts from two of her novels, the best-selling book, Assassin by Day and also her new novel, Catalyst by Night. Thank you so much for this great treat, Tessa.


Assassin By Day 
What would you do if the mystery to your mother’s death lay with your employer? 

After years of unanswered questions, Mishka Vald sets out to uncover the skhodka’s involvement in her past. What she doesn’t expect is to join forces with men who push her to become a double-agent and confirm her future. While hunting down leads, the ruthless assassin realizes a life in the shadows is the only way for her to protect those she loves. 

For Mishka, forbidden love is worth the pain when it comes to Eddie Harper, a military man turned cop. Her affection waivers when duty comes first and she joins forces with an elite Russian soldier, Alexei Petrovich. With a blackmailer threatening her school love, she seeks refuge with a fellow assassin, Nickolas Volkov. And when pushed too far, she’s ushered to a secure location…and straight into the arms of mysterious handyman, Dylan Kain. As the pieces fall into place, their mangled order reveals each man’s true intention. Whose deceit can she accept and whose will obliterate her?

All roads lead back to the woman she thought dead—her mother. Now, as weddings are crashed and alliances tested, Mishka uncovers a deadly game and the players involved. Her heart, once unable to budge, is thrust into action, but which man can keep her soul intact?


Assassin by Day

I hop off the elevator and wave off the shadows. I don’t need them when I see Nickolas in the living room. “To think I’d have alone time,” I complain, gaining on him. “What are you doing here? Alexei will be back any moment.”

  Nickolas eyes my bloodied apparel. “I take it your mission went as planned.”

    Shoving off my boots, I shrug. “We had a nice chat, yes.” I gaze at the dried liquid. “I don’t believe she’ll share any more secrets except to demons.”

“Good, I’ll let your superiors know. Do you need anything further?”

His question catches me off guard until I hear the soft footsteps nearby. Without looking, I sense Alexei’s presence. It’s a fog. A deviously wicked fog. “No, I believe you’ve been useful enough, thank you.”

I stand and meet the waiting forestry eyes. “Alexei, I didn’t know you were back.”

My beloved tosses his jacket to the couch, holding my eyes hostage. “I’m sure you didn’t.” His gaze transfers to Nickolas then to me. “I see you’ve been busy.”

Unsheathing my knives, I study the stains. “I had an assignment pop up.”

“I’m sure that wasn’t the only thing to pop up in my absence.”

I smirk at his spiteful reply. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he’s jealous.

Twisting my torso, I watch the exchange in the room. Alexei prides himself for being level headed, but his actions speak another tone. His obvious hatred for Nickolas is his own fault. He invited him, so I feel no regret in the Olympics I share with his minion.

“Leave him alone, Alexei,” I urge, tearing off my skin-tight leather shirt. I rather like the James Bond villainess look. I think I’ll keep it. My brown hair catches on the zipper and I silently curse. Damn this long hair!

I turn and notice both men gaping. It could be because I’m not wearing anything underneath or because blood’s streaked across my chest. I’m not sure which one enraptures them and I don’t care. Their attention is all I crave. I murdered a comrade. Punishment is warranted.


Catalyst at Night

The skhodka isn’t done with their best assassin yet.

Too bad for them, as a rivaling mob – the vory – holds Mishka Vald captive. The real kicker? She’s trapped in her mother’s clutches with the two men she loves, with no escape from the devious scheme Alena Vald cooked up to destroy the skhodka. 

After spiriting across the globe with one man in tow, Mishka comes face to face with her past. Piecing together the distorted memories would be easy if someone hadn’t tampered with them.

Can Mishka slip through the grips of warring Russian mobs for a chance at a normal life? Find out in Catalyst at Night, the sequel to Assassin by Day.


Catalyst at Night

“Mishka?” His voice is closer. Glancing up from the stain on the floor, I notice he’s sitting on the side of the bed inches from me.

“Time, Nick. I don’t get much of it these days. It’s why I didn’t come back right away. I craved time. It’s so much to digest. I can’t accept my memory loss.” I study the bedspread. “I need it back.”

“You might not remember it, but you agreed to the loss of time and memories, my love.”

I punch the pillow, the conversation annoying me like a zit. “Da. I wish you were mistaken, but I know you’re not.” I meet his cool blue eyes. God, you can’t fake that hue in a colored contact. It’s spellbinding.

Nickolas strokes my cheek lightly, his thin calluses comforting. He isn’t an assassin like me. He’s much more dangerous as the man behind the curtain. “I’m sorry. I wish it didn’t have to be this way.”

He scoots down the bed and wraps me against his chest. I close my eyes at the rhythmic tempo of his heart. It soothes me no matter the situation.

“What if there’s a way I can get them back?”

Nickolas brushes my hair away from my face. “There is but it’s not safe.”

“I don’t care. I need them.”

He sighs and tilts my chin, so he can look into my face. His eyes dance between my eyes and lips. “What if they’re horrible, Mishka? What if they destroy you and the world you know?”

“I can’t think like that.” I shake my head. “My father knows the doctor who can do it.”

His heavy sigh envelopes us both. Slowly, he nuzzles his nose into the nape of my neck. “I wish you could see that you have everything you need right here, love,” he whispers.


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The Author

Tessa Robertson has been landlocked in the heart of Iowa, USA for the better portion of her life. She grew up on sci-fi and action movies, but isn’t nearly a ninja…yet. Since childhood, writing stories and reading have been a constant. Moonlighting in a law firm, she takes on her favorite cases: criminal. Her stories push the limits of standard characters and explore the thriller facets of romance and action. In her spare time, Tessa attempts to teach her Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever new tricks; spends copious time with family; catches up on her favorite shows; and listens to country music.


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