Memories and Stages of Love (vol. 1) by Racquel Singleton-Quiney

I recently received a copy of of Memories and Stages of Love (vol.1) written by Racquel Singleton-Quiney. It is a beautifully produced book full of poems, quotes and reflections of love, life and relationships.

Truly, I had no idea what to expect from this book, but I was entranced by the wisdom and truth of the words, stories and quotes. let me give you an example: From Stages of Love: Your Eyes

I look into your eyes and watch as the hazel oceans sweeps me through the many storms in my mind,

We dream together a future of unity and understanding, our passion flow as… I look into your eyes.

The second Chapter of the book deals with Quotes on Love, Life and Relationships and the depth of feeling reflected in the words on the page is truly inspiring. I found the poem, Life a beautiful prayer that I have enjoyed sharing with friends. It reminds me ‘Life is a blessing.’ Indeed, it is.

In the third part of Memories and Stages of Love (vol.1) the author, gives her reader the benefit of her thoughts on topics that she has spent time considering around the human condition and emotions.

This is a generous book full of wisdom and love. I highly recommend it.

The Author

Racquel Singleton-Quiney has been writing poetry since high school and has had much of her work published in anthologies. This is the first collection of her work. Racquel is a Certified Professional Life Coach and received her certification from Fowler Wainwright International. She hopes to help her readers and clients change and improve their lives with her poetry and words.

She lives in Michigan with her husband.

Val Penny


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