Hunting Hidden Shadows by Elizabeth Huerta

It is a pleasure to be taking part in the tour for Hunting Hidden Shadows by Elizabeth Huerta and run by Love Books Group. You can follow the tour here.

The Blurb

I have one job, make sure order exists between the races. As long as there are no unnecessary killings then I do not have to come in an exterminate them. For the most part the races understand these rules, only a few trouble making vampires and the rogue daemon or two try to disobey. But when mutilated women corpses turn up with the taint of dark magic on them, I have to find the culprit, nothing can distract me, not even the painfully attractive daemon who is trying to kill me.

The Excerpt

The tall trees and high rocks provide perfect cover for the night. Up in the trees I cannot be sensed, and it gives me an advantage for the hunt. The soft sound of hooves and wheels hitting the ground below alerted me of strangers passing. A wagon was being pulled by a horse, about three humans are huddled inside bracing the cold. The current prey is not entertaining enough, humans are weak, and do not offer any challenge.

The one I was looking for hid himself well. I could sense him nearby, but he did not make a sound despite his large size. His footsteps were nimble. The wagon disappeared up ahead as the darkness thickened. I turned around and looked in all directions, as I hunted him, he also hunted me in this endless cycle of hunter and prey.

Sudden heat hit me from behind, I was just able to dodge the spell the daemon threw at me. Damianos was a powerful daemon, killing him would send a warning to all the others, it would tell them that even though I am smaller, I was not weaker. I had never lost a fight against the other daemons. I had been hunted since I was little. I was seen as inferior because my shape was similar to a human. I was not big like the other daemons, or as large, but my strength was equal to theirs, and my speed went beyond.

My magic was powerful, I made sure to practice every day so that there would be no one to match it. Being hunted, being the prey for so many years made me strong, it made me adapt to my surroundings, it made me learn to survive, it made me unstoppable.

The Author

Elisabeth Huerta lives in Long Beach, California with her husband, her dog, and two cats. Her love is for fantasy and romance. She loves to write about women who enjoy several dirty jokes. When not writing she is reading, preferably at ungodly hours when she should be sleeping.


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