Messandrierre by Angela Wren

Sometimes it is not a good idea to read books by people you know and like, because it can result in disappointment. It was for this reason that I had not picked up any novels by Angela Wren previously. Mistake – big mistake!

The Blurb

Sacrificing his job in investigation following an incident in Paris, Jacques Forêt has only a matter of weeks to solve a series of mysterious disappearances as a Gendarme in the rural French village of Messandrierre. 

But, as the number of missing persons rises, his difficult and hectoring boss puts obstacles in his way. Steely and determined, Jacques won’t give up and, when a new Investigating Magistrate is appointed, he becomes the go-to local policeman for all the work on the case.

Will he find the perpetrators before his lover, Beth, becomes a victim?

The Review

Set in France, Messandrierre is the first in the Jaques Foret mysteries written by Angela Wren. (Good! More stories to catch up on!) I really enjoyed the way the author effortlessly transported me to the French village where the story unfolds. Jaques is an engaging hero with an enduring mixture of strength, gentleness and intelligence and just a little bit of pride thrown into the mix. He also has a hilarious fan, little five year old Junior Gendarme Mancelle with whom he has delightful interactions.

The plot is woven around a series of missing persons that Jacques has to investigate while he considers his future in the police force, and his feelings for Beth, whom he adores but who he is in danger of losing.
This is a captivating crime story with a strong romantic element that make this book such a great read. I certainly look forward to more novels by Angela Wren and highly recommend Messandrierre.

The Author

I’m an actor and director at a small theatre a few miles from where I live in the county of Yorkshire in the UK. I did work as a project and business change manager – very pressured and very demanding – but I managed to escape and now I write books.

I’ve always loved stories and story telling so it seemed a natural progression, to me, to try my hand at writing and I started with short stories. My first published story was included an anthology, which was put together by the magazine ‘Ireland’s Own’ in 2011.

I particularly enjoy the challenge of plotting and planning different genres of work. My short stories vary between contemporary romance, memoir, mystery and historical. I also write comic flash-fiction and have drafted two one-act plays that have been recorded for local radio.

My full-length stories are set in France where I like to spend as much time as possible each year. Currently, I’m working on the follow-up stories in my Jacques Forêt series of novels and I continue to write my blog every week where you can find lots of info about France, books, book reviews and author interviews.

Val Penny



  1. Angela Wren

    Just caught up with this, Val. Thank you very much for this fabulous review.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Val Penny

    Angela, I thoroughly enjoyed your novel and look forward to catching up with Jaques Foret on his other adventures.


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