Engage at Dawn by Edward Hochsmann

I am thrilled to be involved in the tour for the fine new novel, Engage at Dawn by Edward Hochsmann @edwardhochsmann run by @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours.

The Blurb

The discovery of a drug runner’s derelict boat, with extensive and inexplicable damage, leads Coast Guard Officer Ben Wyporek and his crew on a dangerous mission to locate a crashed alien vessel before a transnational criminal organization, known as the 252 Syndicate, can find it. Driven by a mysterious government agent obsessed with secrecy, the crew of the ageing Coast Guard Cutter Kauai is ill-prepared to handle the mission. The operation quickly turns into a life-and-death race with the technologically-advanced and murderous syndicate to find and contact the first known extra-terrestrial visitors to Earth. Exploring the friendship and teamwork of a typical ship’s crew, in the face of unexpected and hazardous challenges, Engage at Dawn: First Contact provides a fast-paced, taut story – excellent fare for both action/adventure and soft sci-fi fans.

The Author

Edward Hochsmann is a retired U. S. Coast Guard search and rescue and law enforcement professional. The veteran mariner, aviator, college professor, and defence analyst has added author to his list of experiences. Ed has settled into a quiet life in the Florida Panhandle and likes reading, police procedurals, contemporary music on the road, and classical music in the office.

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