Hunter’s Secret reviewed by the Book Reviewing Mum

Good Morning Everyone, it’s the beginning of the week and I’m really excited to bring you an amazing crime novel! If you are a huge fan of LGBTQ books then this is one to add to your TBR especially if you feel passionately about it, understand the struggles this community face and also if you LOVE a crime book! This was something new for me and I really enjoyed it!

So what an amazing book this was! Straight away from reading this one I definitely want to read the others! It was an easy to follow storyline with a brilliant main character!

We start the book off by meeting 2 young brothers on their bikes, when they have an accident and discover a dead body. They go home to tell their parents but when the police arrive to the scene of the accident the dead body is gone!

30 years later 2 detectives discover a dead body while out on a run, but when neither of their phones are available they run to a nearby house and AGAIN when they arrive back at the scene with their colleagues the body has gone! Along with MIT can hunter and his team work out what has happened, are the 2 connected can they find the culprit or culprits?

Now… the main thing I LOVED about this book is how it included the LGBTQ community! I had no idea it was going to include this but I loved how it focused on the abuse, discrimination and so many other horrible things that this community have to face when actually it is so tough on them to make that choice to be themselves and be happy! For me it made this book so current!

It was a winner for me and so original where it wasn’t just your bog standard female killing murderer, there was so much more to this, so much involved, so much hate built up!

Even though this is book number 5 within a series it was perfect as a stand-alone to! I didn’t feel like there were any gaps or things that would be easier to understand if I had read the others first BUT I enjoyed this so much that I definitely think I would enjoy the others! I just found myself so sucked in to the authors writing, it was so interesting and well paced and some amazing characters!

The only thing I found myself a little confused with was just too many characters! Too many detectives and brothers and cousins involved that sometimes I wasn’t quite sure who was who! It took me a little time to work it out!

However for me this is still a fabulous read, one that I read so fast because it was fast paced, easy to read and a clear storyline to follow! I enjoyed the build up and the ending and I really do look forward to the next one in this series! I LOVE Hunter!

For all of those reasons above I’m so happy to give this book 4 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️! It’s definitely a series where I will look out for future installments to get involved with and one where I’d love to start from number 1!

Thank you Valerie for an amazing crime book I LOVED IT!


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