Review of Hunter’s Blood by Lance Greenfield Mitchell

This is the second of Val Penny’s Hunter series that I have read. Although they can all be read as stand-alone stories, they are tied together by the continuity thread of the characters who reveal more of themselves as you read on. Once again, I struggled to keep up with the relationships between the characters as there are so many of them, but it does all tie together and make sense in the end.

Hunter’s Blood is about the circumstances surrounding the suspicious deaths of three old ladies, one of whom is Hunter’s aunt, the disappearance of a young girl from a travellers’ camp and a fatal car crash that remains undiscovered for far too long.

I was drawn into the story to the extent that it was impossible to escape. I needed to know the outcomes. There are some nasty characters, the worst of whom escapes to Ireland. I hope that he gets his come-uppance in a subsequent volume.

This is a great series and I would say that Hunter has already established himself as one of Edinburgh’s greatest fictional detectives.


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