Hunter’s Secret Reviewed by Sharon Rimmelzwaan

Hunter’s Secret by Val Penny is the fifth book in the Edinburgh Crime mysteries featuring DI Hunter, although this is the first time I have read this author. This book does work as a standalone but by the time you have read it you will wish you had started at the beginning, I did.

Val Penny

This is a story in which the past and present collide for Hunter. Two of his team, Bear Zewedu and Tim Myerscough discover a corpse when they are out running, but then, when they return to the scene, it’s disappeared. Hunter realises this is almost a replica of something he experienced when he was younger and we time slips back to that time with him. It was a mystery then and now, they are dealing with something that can only be described as traumatic for him.

I really enjoyed getting to know the team and all the banter they had. They all seem really comfy around each other and their chemistry really made me wish I had started at the beginning of the series. I liked the mistrust that Val had created it added excitement to the mounting investigation, and I did need to work out who were the people to ‘watch’ and that piqued my interest as well. As the title suggests it is Hunter’s secret that connects the past to the present and we do find out some of Hunter’s past. I do like to find out about the back story of any new main character, it makes them relatable and likeable (depending upon the character of course).

I thoroughly enjoyed the vividness of Val’s writing, It brought the book to life for me. A fast-paced skilfully crafted murder mystery that had me hooked from the start, now I’m off to add the others to my never decreasing the pile!


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