Hunter’s Secret on Jess Bookish Life Blog

I am thrilled to share a fine review of Hunter’s Secret that appears on the brilliant blog, Jess Bookish Life Read the review there or below. It is part of the blog tour arranged by Rachel’s Random Resources.

This is the fifth book in The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries Series and if you are reading this review, and don’t know the series or the author, I highly recommend you go check out her books, because I honestly believe this is a series you should read from the beginning.

Since this is part of the series, I like to keep it free of facts that could be spoilers for any of the books. You know I have read the previous ones and I loved this one as much as the others.

The amazing thing about this entire series is that each time we follow DI Hunter in one of the journeys of figuring out the truth and reveal the culprit of the crime, we are also unveiling Hunter’s background and secrets.

This had a good balance for me, with past and present cases and Hunter leading us through the path to question, learn and be excited, until we finally arrive to the ending. Quite a fantastic mystery adventure, just the kind that makes me wanting. That may be why I always get very curious when a new book comes out.

From Hunter keeping me intrigued with his past and the relationship between him and everyone else… To the plot itself, and the motivations behind the crime… I was amazed by everything. It appears that Val Penny doesn’t get tired of surprising the readers, which makes me so happy.

Overall, I love the book. The uncovering of the truth. Learning more about Hunter and is past. See the action, the interactions, the brilliant descriptions and dialogues. Can’t wait to see what Val Penny comes up with next.


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