A Place of Reckoning by J. F.Burgess

It is lovely to be involved with author JF Burgess and Love Book Tours for the launch of the second Detective Tom Blake novel, A Place of Reckoning.


Three women. Two bodies. One deadly secret.

Pottery tycoon Charles Lancaster knows who kidnapped his wife.

He’s sure it was the brutally dangerous ex bare-knuckle fighter, Patrick Dunne. Patrick promised to avenge his son who died in a tragic accident in one of Charles’ factories. It’s an open and shut case…

 …until a headless body turns up in a remote Peak District pool, its back tattooed with a cryptic Tarot card. As Detective Inspector Tom Blake and FBI profiler Lucy Stryker dig into the mystery, they unearth long-buried secrets about an historic conspiracy and a clandestine cult. But with a sadistic killer on the loose, and everyone hiding things, it’s not just the victim’s life that hangs in the balance. Will anyone get out alive?


JF Burgess is the author of the author of the DI Tom Blake series of crime novels. You can get in touch with him here


Author website — https://www.jfburgess.co.uk/

Book GIVEAWAYS: join his Reader’s Newsletter and you’ll automatically be entered into regular giveaway competitions, which include signed copies of his books and other bestsellers. https://www.jfburgess.co.uk/giveaways

Twitter — https://twitter.com/burgess1012

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100019097594198

The DI Tom Blake series is set in the gritty, industrial five towns of Stoke on Trent, with two books in the series. Book three is coming soon, along with a FREE novella.

The crime series of police procedurals features widowed Detective Tom Blake and his faithful Sergeant John Murphy, investigating local crimes, often with wider connections to national and international criminal networks to people trafficking, organised crime, murder, prostitution, and domestic abuse.

The first book, “The Killer Shadow Thieves”, has been downloaded over 3000 times, hitting the top of Amazons UK crime categories three times.

The follow-up, A Place of Reckoning, is a cult serial killer thriller with a 200-year-old secret at the heart of a plot full of unexpected twists, which push the relationships of a rich pottery family into life-threatening conflicts. This has also hit the top 100 of Amazons UK crime categories three times.

The author lives in Stoke on Trent, England, with his wife and two kids. He write tense, gripping, crime fiction mysteries with a twist – or urban crossbreed, as he calls it. His thrillers take you deep inside the criminal mind.

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