Hybrids by Jennie Dorny

I am delighted to be involved in the blog tour for Jenny Dorny’s new novel Hybrids. Many thanks to the author @jenniedornyauthor and Kelly Lacey of @LoveBooksGroup for including me.


She sought refuge on an ocean-covered planet. She didn’t learn its codes until too late. Now she must leave to survive.

Theo’s dreams of exploring distant lands are cut short when her father betrays her.

On the run, she flees to Eridan, where Washone, the spiritual leader, is expecting her. As she is about to reach this ocean-covered planet inhabited by telepaths, she is kidnapped by a bounty-hunter. Ashta, an Eridani Savalwoman, befriends Theo, rescues her, and they land together on Eridan.

While Theo trains to become a Savalwoman – a warrior – bleak memories of past hurts relentlessly disrupt her attempts to trust herself and others.  

She is unaware of her own mental powers, so when she believes that she has been betrayed once again – this time by Ashta – she nearly destroys her friend’s mind in a fit of wounded rage that blazes across the planet.

To protect Theo from those who, like ambitious Keith of Rain Forest, would like to use her powerful mind for their benefit, Washone decides that she must leave Eridan.

Can Theo convince Washone to let her stay? Or will she have to leave her new friends and go on the run again, with no place to go?


After fleeing Gambling Nova, her home planet, rebellious and sensitive Theo Maddiogga finds refuge on Eridan. She is determined to find her place on this water-covered planet where the inhabitants are telepaths and live in symbiosis with the ocean. 
There is Ashta and the Savalwomen, a group of female warriors; Declan the charismatic Master Face Changer, alternately male and female; Nand the teenager who understands whales; and Keith of Rain Forest who wants to become a spiritual leader. And then there is Mocean, the living ocean that regulates life on Eridan. 
But, unaware of her own mental powers, Theo triggers a chain of events that disrupts Eridan’s troubled political climate and distresses Mocean. On Earth Metropolis, Jack Finch and Farren Megan, two Space Secret Services agents, investigate Eridan and Gambling Nova. When Farren discovers that their boss, the Spylady, is plotting to overthrow the federal government, he inadvertently sets into motion a trap that puts both his life and Jack’s in mortal danger. 


Jennie Dorny was born in 1960 in Newton, Massachusetts. She lives and works in Paris with her three cats. She is both French and American. She studied American literature and civilization, Italian and history of art at three Parisian universities. She wrote her Master’s thesis about contemporary Irish poetry after spending a year in Dublin. She loves words and languages, and she can spend hours exploring a thesaurus. Over the years, she has studied Spanish, Japanese, Hindi and sign language, and recently took up Italian again. She has published in French Gambling Nova (1999), Eridan (2002) and Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête (Mischievous Cupids gone Crazy, 2007). Gambling Nova and Eridan are partial, earlier versions of Hybrids; science-fiction novels that in many ways deal with the question of gender.

Find more at www.jenniedorny.com and feel free to join the club.

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