Bethel Manor Reborn by Beatrice Fishback

Sometimes a sequel can be a disappointment. However, I had read Bethel Manor by Beatrice Fishback and enjoyed it, so when I had an opportunity to read bethel Manor Reborn, I took it and was not disappointed. I would recommend reading these books in the correct order as the story flows on seamlessly.

Clare Shaw Blackwell is struck with blindness after the birth of her son, George. Unsurprisingly, she struggles to cope with her loss of independence and withdraws into her world of darkness, she shuts out the person who wants to help her most, her husband, James.

James seeks solace at the home of a friend, an innocent liaison blossoms into something unexpected, and threatens to tear his family apart.  Many obstacles are thrown in the path as James and Clare strive to find their route toward happiness.

The chronicle of the Shaw and Blackwell families continues in Bethel Manor Reborn as they struggle to heal broken relationships, offer forgiveness to an enemy who tries to destroy them, and restore their deteriorating home to its former glory. Read this wonderful story and find out if they can overcome their trials and find the peace they long for.

Val Penny


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