Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

I have read many of Peter Robinson’s DCI Banks books, but not necessarily in the correct order, but that never seems to matter. Strange Affair is the fifteenth book in the seriesbut I only read it recently. This is an interesting novel because in it a murder and a personal story about Banks intertwine.

A young woman is driving along the road in Yorkshire but she is run off the road and later found shot in the head still in her car. She has DCI Banks’s name written on a piece of paper.

At the same time Roy, Banks’s brother, leaves a message for him to call back ASAP stating it’s a matter of life or death. The Inspector tried to reach Roy by phone with no answer. He decides to drive South to London to his brother’s house. The front door is unlocked, but Roy is not there.

Roy Banks is discovered to be the 2nd murder victim which takes DCI Banks back to his parents home. To prevent his parents from learning of their son’s death from a stranger DCI Alan Banks breaks the devastating news of Roy’s death. This is when so much of Banks’s childhood was revealed to me as the reader. I learned far more abour Banks’s background than in any of the other novels I have read so far. That fact of his early childhood brought to mind his lack of emotion when dealing with everyday adult life.

DCI Alan Banks takes it upon himself to deal with his brothers murder by looking into his brother’s past and present associates. That’s when he finds there was a connection between Roy and the first murder victim.
I enjoyed Strange Affair even more than other books due to the revelation of details about his childhood and it made me think a great deal about how that may related to him as an adult and a cop. 

If you enjoy crime thrillers, I highly recommend Strange Affair by Peter Robinson.

Val Penny


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