The Suspects by Katharine Johnson

Any regular readers of my blog will know that Katharine Johnson is one of my favourite authors. Her most recent novel, The Suspects, is certainly one of my favourite books of 2019. (The Secret was one of my favourite books of 2018 – Ms Johnson is such a fine writer.)

The new book tells the story of a group of young people who have just finished their university degrees. They are starting out on their professional futures and decide to buy a house together so that they get a foot on the property ladder as soon as they can. Each of the characters is very different and flawed with plenty to hide. I really liked that we were introduced to them individually. You got to delve into their story before you made assumptions.

When they throw a New Year Party and everybody seems to drink too much and over indulge. It is only after the party that they find a corpse. Panic sets in becausethey are worried that they will become the main suspects. None of the five trusts the police so they discuss their choices. They decide on a plan but this results in secrets and lies twists and turns.

I think The Suspects would be an excellent book group read. It is enthralling and would make for lots of discussion. If you enjoy your murder mystery with a psychological thriller twist, complex characters, and cleverly plots then you will not want to miss out on The Suspects.

Katharine Johnson is the author of gripping psychological and historical suspense stories set in the UK and Italy. It’s always the whydunit that intrigues her most. Katharine’s characters are flawed but not evil – they’re ordinary people who through a bad decision find themselves in nightmarish situations. Born in Bristol, she currently lives in Berkshire. As a journalist she’s written for a variety of magazines, mostly about home and lifestyle. She has a passion for crime novels. old buildings and all things Italian (except tiramisu.) When not writing you’ll often find her drinking coffee, exploring cities, restoring her house in Italy or out walking with her partner in crime-writing, Monty the spaniel, while thinking up plots. She blogs about books and writing and loves to chat so catch up with her on her blog, Katy’s Writing Coffee Shop, Facebook page/instagram/pinterest @katharinejohnsonauthor, and twitter @kjohnsonwrites
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Val Penny



  1. Thanks so much for this review! I’m excited that you chose to read The Suspects and thrilled you enjoyed it


  2. Val Penny

    Always a pleasure and a treat to read your novels, Katy.


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