The Blood Road by Stuart MacBride

The Blood Road is the twelfth book in the Logan McRae detective series set in Aberdeenshire by Stuart MacBride, but it is the first book that have read by this author. I did see him make an appearance with Caro Ramsey at an event at Bloody Scotland in Stirling a few years ago. But he was very drunk and his language and actions made the whole thing embarrassing to watch. It must have been even worse for Caro Ramsey being on stage with Stuart MacBride on that occasion. I have not been back to Bloody Scotland since then and I probably would not have picked up MacBride’s book, had it not been on sale for £2.00.

The subject matter of The Blood Road , kidnapping and sale of children for purposes of abuse to paedophiles, is incredibly dark. However, for the most part, it is dealt with sensitively. The dialogue is fast, pacy, darkly humorous and extraordinarily engaging, you just get swept along with them all in a kind of hypnotic reading trance.

The Blood Road starts when the murdered body of a retired policeman, Bell, is discovered. McRae becomes involved because this policeman had, apparnetly died and been buried two years earlier. As if that were not odd enough, a connection is discovered between Bell and an ongoing investigation into the missing children. Wee ones are being snatched and Logan finds himself with no choice but to wade in, dragging newbie DS Simon Rennie along for the ride. 

The one thing I really did not understand was how McRae, who is allegedly in the Police Standards department, and therefore investigates corrupt police officers, ended up working to solve an serious criminal case promoted by an organised criminal gang with so little police support. I do not want to issue a spoiler, so suffice to say, I found that incredible.

I have been told The Blood Road is not the strongest of MacBride’s books and that I should have started with something else – a bit late to tell me that now! I did enjoy humour in the novel and the banter between the characters was believable. However, on the basis of this book, I would not seek out another book by Stuart MacBride any time soon.

Val Penny


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