The 5 Questions of Writing by guest author Raven McAllan, also writing as Katy Lilley

Today, I am thrilled to have my friend Raven McAllen discuss her writing habits on the blog today. Thank you for joining me, Raven. I am so happy to learn all about your writing life.

1) When do you write?

I’m an early riser and often get up to write before anyone else in the household is around. But I will write any chance I get. I’m lucky that once I start writing, I just block everythin else out. (Not so lucky when that means I forget I’ve got the dinner cooking)

2) Why do you write?

I have loved making up stories all my life.For my dolls, for my children and for myself. I was an only child, and I often say, my imagination was my best friend. Always there, and full of idas.

However it wasn’t until around 8 years ago I thought I could try and get a story published.

I can’t imagine not writing now. It’s my relaxation. If I go a few days without plotting, researching, or writing, I get twitchy.

3) Where do you write?

I can write anywhere and everywhere. I’m lucky enough to do quite a lot of travelling, and over the years I’ve written in some diffeent places. I swear I could write a book on ‘closed loo seats I’ve sat on to type. So often in a hotel room, I’ve woken up early and typed in the bathroom so as not to wake my husband

Long Haul flights are great, because I’m only interrupted for food and drink. I can get so much done in the air. It can be amusing, at times. On one flight, I went to the loo, to come back to find a guy reading my WIP. I showed him it was my seat, and he took himself off. Half an hour, one of the cabin crew said the guy in seat xx wanted to know what happened next. I asked her to give the guy my card and look out for the book. Around 6 months later I got an email. Bought it, read it, loved it, the guy on the plane.

I’ve written by pools, on patios as I watch the sun rise, and tucked under a blanket watching it rain. (A lot of the time where I live in Scotland)

However when I’m home I have a study, which overlooks my garden. From here, when I sit at my desk, I can watch the birds and the red squirrels fight over the nuts in the nut holder, and tell lost tourists that a, the village is ten minutes walk down the lane, and b,whatever their sat-nav says I am not the local bed and breakfast. (It’s amazing how many don’t believe me.)

We live on the edge of a Scottish Forest, It’s so beautiful, and I have set quite a few of my books around here.

I like using places I know, and as I say to my husband, whn we travel, it’s all good research.

4) How do I write?

It depends. Some stories I just sit down and see where my mind and the characters take me. Others I have the whole plot in my mind, or jotted down, often as bullet points. I keep notebooks all over te place, as I know fine well an idea thought of in the middle of the night will not always be remembered in the morning.

5) What do you write?

I’m a romance writer. I’m very lucky in that I can switch between sub genres. I call it changing hats. I write Regency and contepmorary stories as Raven McAllan, dark romance as Kera Faie, and rom com as Katy Lilley. (I also write YA as J. Lilley)

The rom com is my latest hat, and I’m loving it. My first one, New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett came out last year, and the follow up, Second Chances for Lottie Botte is due to be published in May. Both are published by Manatee Books (It’s up for preorder) They are both available from Amazon

I’ve notes for a couple more. I just need times to wite them. I have a list!

My next Raven, is a Regency, via Totally Bound and is also out in May. The Viscount meets his match. That’s up for preorder on April 16th

My most recent contemporary, from Evernight Publishing is a series set on a desert island, Isola dei Sogni, where dreams and fantasies come true—if you let them.

You can find me on Amazon. Raven, Katy, Kera and J Lilley all have an Amazon page.


Twitter as Katy

And Aas Raven and Kera

Or via my web

Thank you so much for inviting me onto your blog,

Happy reading, love Raven


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  1. Thank you so much for inviting me over. I loved sharing a bit about my writing life x


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