Seven Deadly Swords by Peter Sutton

I am so happy to welcome author Peter Sutton to the blog today. He has agreed to share an excerpt of his new novel, Seven Deadly Swords as part of the Love Book Group Tours. It sounds like such a gripping story: I am truly excited to present this book to you. Be sure to follow the whole blog tour to find out more!


For every sin, a sword

For every sword, a curse

For every curse, a death

Reymond joined the Crusades to free the Holy Land from the Saracens and win glory for himself. Instead, with six others, he found himself bound under a sorcerer’s curse: the Seven Sins personified. Doomed to eternal life and with the weight of the deaths he has caused dragging his soul into the torments of hell, Reymond must find his former brothers-in-arms and defeat them. Riding across a thousand years of history, the road from Wrath to Redemption will be deadly…  

The Excerpt

“A book?” Fisher asked the American who’d met them at Horseguards. They were enjoying a cigar and a brandy at the Yank’s expense.

“A special book. It’s been locked in a tomb for hundreds of years.”

Fisher exchanged a glance with Lumpy.

“And you want us along for?”

“The tomb is in Iran… “

Which was in the middle of a shitty war with Iraq. That was pretty hot, as far as theatres of conflict went.

“Iran?” Lumpy asked. Fisher watched the American carefully. What were they getting into?

“Are you up for it? I’ll pay you handsomely.”

“Let’s talk about how handsome this pay packet is. Is it leading Hollywood man handsome?” Lumpy asked.

They got down to talking about money.

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The Author

Peter Sutton is the author of three books: A Tiding of Magpies, a collection of ‘deliciously dark tales,’ Sick City Syndrome, an urban fantasy set in Bristol where he lives and Seven Deadly Swords – a historical fantasy thriller partly set in the crusades, partly set in the modern day.
On Twitter he’s @suttope and his website’s here .


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