The Long, Winding and Undulating Writing Road by guest author Miriam Drori

I am delighted to be joined on the blog today by my friend and fellow author, Miriam Drori who discusses her journey to becoming a best-selling author. Over to you Miriam.

For me, the road to becoming a writer is also the road to writing my latest book, which is actually my first book. Let me explain.

The story begins with a special friend from school – Gill. That is… she wasn’t really a friend at school, but she became a very good friend decades later, when I connected with her online. We used to write to each other every day and she eventually told me that what I was describing to her (a problem that grew from being bullied at school) had a name: social anxiety.Profile (1)

I learned more about the condition and then joined an online forum for “sufferers.” I “met” people from all walks of life with different experiences and different problems. Yet almost all of them, when they first joined the forum, wrote, “I thought I was the only one.” That reflected my own feelings before I discovered social anxiety and made me sad, because nowadays there is no need to feel alone with this. I decided I was in a position to help raise awareness by writing a book. Why me? As a technical writer, I knew how to write. As an older member of the social anxiety community, I felt I had less to lose by “coming out.” Unlike most of the others, I’m not inherently shy and actually enjoy giving presentations.

The format I decided on was one that could cover many different experiences and opinions by including anonymous quotes. I found people were much more willing to become involved in the project when I promised not to include their names. Such is the stigma that stifles us.

When I finished my book, I delved into the world of publishing for the first time and didn’t find success anywhere. I put the book aside and started to write fiction. Eventually, having had two novels published by Crooked Cat Books, I suggested my non-fiction book and they agreed to publish that, too. I enhanced and improved it, and the result is Social Anxiety Revealed.

I’m happy to be able to say that my book has helped to raise awareness and also helped “sufferers” themselves, and I hope it continues to do both of those.


Blurb for Social Anxiety Revealed

Fear of other people? Most of us feel this occasionally, when giving a presentation or social anxiety revealedbeing grilled in a job interview. This is not social anxiety disorder.

Fear of what other people think of you? We have all felt this, too. It is why we dress as we do and generally try to behave in a way that is expected of us. This is not social anxiety disorder either.

But when those fears become so prevalent that they take over your life? When they cause you to hide away, either literally or by not revealing your real self? When you keep quiet in an attempt to avoid those raised eyebrows and the possible thoughts behind them? That is social anxiety disorder.

And it is much more common than you might think. In the mental health table, it comes third – after alcoholism and depression – and yet most people don’t even know it exists.

If you have social anxiety disorder, this book is for you.

Even if you don’t have social anxiety disorder, you might have a friend, a relative or a work colleague who does. You might see it developing in your son, your daughter, or a child you teach. This book is for you, too.

Social Anxiety Revealed is created by people who yearn to ditch all these problems and live their lives to the full.

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Miriam Drori can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Wattpad and on her website/blog and social anxiety blog.

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The Author
Miriam Drori lives in Jerusalem, Israel  ·  Creative writer and editor. Author of historical fiction, romance and non-fiction. Hiker, journeyer, folk dancer, wife, mother.



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