My Writing and Me by guest author Lynn Forth

For many years I was a Lecturer in both English and Teacher Training at the local College. Sadly the paperwork and procedures eventually sucked all the joy out of a career I loved so I left to concentrate on my long-held ambition to write novels.

Imagine my delight when my first novel Love in La La Land was accepted by Crooked Cat Publishers. My love of films sparked the original idea because I wanted explore how a novel has to be adapted to become a screen play. Thus I sent my main character, English writer, Jane Jones, to Hollywood to see her novel being made into a film. Initially she is in awe of this glamorous movie world but as she negotiates the sleazy shark-pool of glittering parties, hovering paparazzi, and powerful movie tycoons, she has to decide who can be trusted and who can’t.


I was delighted by Love in La La Land’s success and all the 5 star reviews it garnered on Amazon praising it for its witty style and gripping story.

My latest novel Love, Lies and Café au Lait has just been published and was inspired by my first trip to Nice many years ago. There I was, sitting in a café delighting in all the sights and sounds of the famous Nice market when I had one of those goose-pimpling moments thinking about what’s a girl like me from Accrington doing in a swanky place like this. And years later, Annie’s story emerged from this experience as she vainly tries to adopt a classy persona, but wonders if perhaps she might be just a bit too nice for Nice.

Main cover pic

Blurb for Love Lies and Café au Lait

When Annie Roberts has the chance to escape rainy Accrington for the glamour of sunny Nice, it seems like a dream come true, even if it does involve dog-sitting a pampered pooch for the winter. 

But, once in France, despite trying to adopt a classy persona, Annie attracts the attention of all the wrong people: from Jacques, an attractive waiter, to Reen, a perma-tanned expat from the Costa del Sol. 

And just who is the charming Monsieur Xavier who is so keen to befriend her? Dare she enlist his help to solve the mystery left behind by her France-obsessed mother? 

Can Annie find her way through all the lies, intrigue and deception or is she just too nice for Nice?

30729092_2023408577688670_7898368402631163904_n.jpgAuthor bio

Although born in Derbyshire, I moved around a lot as a child as my father worked his way up the career ladder. At the age of 10 I went to live in Accrington and I still have the accent to prove it.

I now live in Worcestershire (where it doesn’t rain as much) with my lovely family and a room with a view to write in.

With a lifelong fascination with words and people, I studied English and Psychology at University and, as a lecturer at the local College, I spent many years imparting my passion for words and teaching to students of all ages.

An avid reader, I run two book clubs and, as a bit of a movie buff, I love all the stimulating discussions at a local Film Club. Although not a big exercise fan, I enthusiastically enjoy the fun and music at my Zumba sessions and I love encouraging a riotous array of flowers in my garden, which hides the weeds.

I now write romantic comedies full of sparky dialogue set in exotic foreign climes, which, of course, I have to visit for the sake of research. My debut novel, Love in La La Land, combines this love of films, humour and sunny places. My latest novel, Love, Lies and Cafe au Lait is set in Nice, a city I try to visit often, especially during the winter.

All the various aspects of this new writing adventure have revitalized my life. Sitting at my desk writing, I become completely immersed in my characters and their lives as they ‘talk‘ to me and make me laugh and cry. The business aspect of the publishing world is not as much fun and it has taxed my brain somewhat coming to grips with all the technology of social media. These days this is an essential tool of the publishing trade as most novelists have to participate fully in promoting their own books. As this also involves giving talks, radio interviews and book signings etc. it is certainly keeping me busy. And I love it.


Twitter: @lynnforth

Facebook Page: Lynn Forth

Author Page: Lynn Forth Author

My books are available as both eBooks and paperbacks from Amazon


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