My Writing Journey by guest author Moira Cormack

My friend and fellow author, Morag Cormack stops by the blog today to tell us all about her novel writing. Enjoy her interesting experiences here.


Moira Cormack’s first novel, The Witch of Land and Sea, was published in 2016. It started as a ten minute exercise on a creative writing holiday with Magical Journeys. Since then she has written two more novels which she is in the process of editing and has had short stories and poems published in various anthologies including a scary story, Rush hour, taken up by Tapes and tales.

Moira came to writing later but as her best friend told her – you have always written, diaries and letters, and you have told stories. To her delight she found an old box of this writing in her mother’s loft and is grateful to the sentimentality of her mother. One day there might be a memoir.

Moira is a lover of fairy tales from around the world and this passion infuses her writing and life. She has four daughters and has raised them to share in her wonder of the world around them. They had an aurora phase as a family when she would wake them in the middle of the night and they would go in search of the Northern lights. They never saw them but did see shooting stars and owls on silent wing.

She walks her dog locally every day and tramps through the mud watching the birds and trees. She has great empathy with the Ents in the Lord of the Rings stories and her writing picks up on the local area and turns it magical.

She is currently attempting to read the Booker longlist to form her own opinion before the judges make theirs. She is on book eight out of the thirteen and has formed an opinion already.


Moira can be found on twitter, facebook and Instagram but more often at her computer or running after her children.

Twitter: @cormackmoira


Instagram: cormackmoira

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The Author

Moira lives with her family in Midlothian in Scotland where she provides parenting classes for young families.


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