Lemon Blossom by Nina Romano

Lemon Blossom is the second book in The Wayfarer Trilogy written by my friend and fellow author, Nina Romano. The first book is The Secret Language of Women, also reviewed on this site.

the secret language of womenI absolutely loved the the first book in this series and had been looking forward to reading Lemon Blossom too. It is the story of Angelica a warm and caring person, and her family. She eventually meets a man she can love.

The family’s story is told through Angelica and her mother. It is warm and perceptive. Angelica and Giocoma’s love story at the end of the book has left me craving morefrom this gifted, sensitive writer. lemon blossom book

Lemon Blossom is an intriguing, fulfilling book in which the reader is shown a young girl develop into a deep, thoughtful young woman who experiences personal, family and societal tragedies, but overcomes them.

The story is not just of a woman longing for love and her place in the circle of childbirth and motherhood, but of the love a mother feels for her child. Wanting to protect one’s child from the realities of the world and a woman’s true place in it, yet wanting her to have so much more than she herself had.

nina romanoLemon Blossom also explores the need in a family for children to know where they came from and the cultural traditions of the family. Nevertheless, the mother realizes that the world around her is changing and her daughter needs to adapt to thrive.

This amazing story, and Nina’s gift of immersing the reader in the setting and the historical timeline makes for a remarkable novel that I heartily recommend.

Val Penny


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