Act of Vengeance by Michael Jecks

I first met Michael Jecks a few years ago when he was lecturing at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School and I am so glad I did!swanwick outside

I have always enjoyed the Templar books, which start with The Last Templar, written by The Last TemplarMichael Jecks. Act of Vengeance is a great modern spy thriller written by one of my favourite historical crime fiction authors. It is quite different to the hugely popular Templar series, and it took me a while to get into this book, but the writing is excellent and the effort was well rewarded.

Act of Vengeance is one of the very few books I have read where the author successfully takes the action from Britain over to America and back without getting lost in the petty details. London, Alaska, Washington State and Virginia – with a very topical act of Vengeanceplot-line. The British and American secret services become intricately involved when a washed-up UK agent is sent on a final mission to follow up on the suicide of a British soldier.

Act of Vengeance is a well constructed story of Jack Case, an agent out of favour, called back to undertake a tidying up exercise after the death of a former interrogation officer in a remote cabin in Alaska. This is a story of betrayal, of rendition and of an agent’s persistent quest for truth and revenge.

michael JecksI highly recommend Act of Vengeance and personally look forward to more stories featuring Jack Case, or at least more modern thrillers from Michael Jecks.

Val Penny



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