Bone Lines by guest author Stephanie Bretherton

It is a great pleasure to have my friend and fellow author Stephanie Bratherton visit my blog today to share the launch of her novel, Bone Lines, it is published by Unbound Books on 20.09. 2018 and sounds really exciting.

A young woman walks alone through a barren landscape in a time before history, a time of cataclysmic natural change. She is cold, hungry and with child but not without hope or resources. A skilful hunter, she draws on her intuitive understanding of how to stay alive… and knows that she must survive.

In the present day, geneticist Dr Eloise Kluft wrestles with an ancient conundrum as she unravels the secrets of an important archaeological find. She is working at the cutting edge of contemporary science yet caught in the lonely time-lock of her own emotional past.

Bone Lines is the story of two women separated by millennia but bound by the web of life. A timeless tale of love, survival and the quest for wisdom, it is a voyage through science and spirituality, nature and nurture, curiosity and courage.


Stephanie Bretherton

Reformed nomad, penitent PR, worrier of words, muddler of the middle way, peddlar of prose, thespian throwaway, secret tree-talker, animal intriguer, nearly nerd worthy, high-functioning hermit, exhausted optimist, mood juggler, beach botherer, cliff-hanger (outer), sun-supplicant, grateful partner, metaphysical rationalist, author-in-evolution, Homo sapiens (but none the wiser.)

Or, perhaps more sensibly: Stephanie is a restless Hong-Kong born Londoner, longing for more time at the coast, who misspent her youth in drama, media and marketing until returning to her first love, writing (inspired by a conflicting fascination for both science and spirituality.) This habit for words (and dichotomies) has taken many forms but now has been distilled into a debut novel, Bone Lines, unleashed by Unbound in September 2018.





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