Peddling Doomsday by guest author Petra Jacob

It is lovely to have Petra Jacob visit the blog today so that I can learn all about her new book, Peddling Doomsday. She has even shared an excerpt from the new novel. You can learn more about this unique book throughout the tour.

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You don’t know how significant you are. We need you.

No matter where she is, Deirdre feels out of place. So when a cult known as the Center contacts her, wanting her join up, she’s intrigued. They say a terrible war is coming, humanity is in danger and without explaining why, say she’s needed for the fight. Suddenly the chance to be spectacular is within her grasp. With the charismatic Myra as the cult leader, and talk of prophecies and psychic abilities, Deirdre is soon seduced and ditches her humdrum life to join up.

Once inside, her understanding of the world shifts. She learns the truth about the elite, a secret organisation that has meddled with humanity since the beginning of time. The elite use entertainment and the media as a constant distraction to stop people from reaching their true potential. To free themselves of this conditioning, the followers must give up ‘excessive’ food and sleep. They also carry out increasingly bizarre rituals under the critical eye of the Captain, a minor leader of the new followers. He seems to take pleasure from turning them against one another.

Tensions increase. The followers gain odd new abilities, but bullying and hysteria also grow. Meanwhile Myra’s prophecies become increasingly extreme. As paranoia intensifies, Deirdre questions where the belief ends, and delusion begins.


Listen to me. Humanity is in trouble. You know that, right? The wars, the greed, the waste. 

We’re heading for disaster.

They tell us that’s just the way the world is.

But they’re lying.

I have the truth, and I can teach you the answers to the two most important questions.

Who is really running the world? And why are they doing it so badly?’

Myra, Prophet 2018

Cover Peddling Doomsday - Petra Jacob

Excerpt from Peddling Doomsday


A spotlight shone onto the small stage where Myra sat in her blue silk robes. Tendrils of color rose from her like smoke, as if her energy were burning her robes. The theatricality of the scene silenced the room, and when Myra spoke, everything else around her ceased in importance. Deirdre no longer saw Myra’s flaws, only how she radiated light. She no longer wondered why her voice dragged out the syllables, she relished it.

You came here seeking truth, because you know evil exists in this world. Because how can we have come this far as a species, but continue to have wars? We have so much knowledge, yet we can’t make ourselves happy. Why?’ She paused and looked out, Deirdre leaned toward the stage as if the ground had tipped. ‘Because we aren’t free, we’ve been controlled, damaged since the beginning. The Interference that clouds your mind, the misery; these aren’t accidents, they’re inflicted.

I was only a child when I first understood how messed up we were, when we moved to the city, where streets smelled of death. Where the chatter of TV, adverts and opinions never stopped. People weren’t happy; they were rude, depressed, angry! At first I thought: this must be what happens in the city, but then, my understanding shifted. I saw something twisting minds with technobabble and propaganda. None of it seemed necessary, just a mantra of confusion, a distraction.

You’re here because you noticed it too. In your own cities, you got glimpses. You saw something malignant.’

Around the hall people shouted out, Deirdre found herself nodding her head.

The world is faulty, but humans are clever, why don’t we fix it?’ The cries got louder. Then why? Deirdre thought, wanting to believe life made sense after all. Myra was striding about the stage now, drawing all attention to her. As she spoke, dragging each word, Deirdre could sense her passion, with every syllable hung on to because it needed to be heard.

We think we’re ruled by governments, by banks; but they’re only puppets. Behind them are the true powers, unseen. We don’t know their names, but we call them the elite, the bloodless rulers, elected by no one.’ As Myra said the words, Lilith grabbed Deirdre’s hand and they huddled closer together. ‘They’ve worked to keep us distracted, to stop us paying attention. Because of their manipulation, we keep fighting with each other. They twist our minds with media, technology and drugs. I first started to understand as a child, but in time I learned about their vindictiveness. How they’d react if somebody refused to be caged. I learned what they were capable of. And believe me, what they are capable of is a horror beyond words.’

Photo Petra Jacob.jpgAuthor Bio

Petra Jacob had her first book, Riddled with Senses, published by Dr Cicero Books last year. It’s a magic realism tale of love, drugs and witchcraft.

During her haphazard life she’s lived in a condemned bedsit in Cambridge, a gated community in Mexico City, a rain forest in Central America and a derelict haunted house in Chile. She’s worked as a gardener, a teacher, a factory worker and a sandwich-maker. Currently she lives in south east London but likes to escape to the jungle whenever possible. Jacob is fond of monkeys, slime mould and cake.


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