Winter Writerland by Beatrice Fishback

I recently finished the lovely cosy mystery written by Beatrice Fishback. I have read a couple of the books in her Bethel Manor series of novels, and know I like her style of writing. Beatrice Fishback

Winter Writerland is set at a writer’s conference in central England where American teacher, Daisy, has retired. She meets up with her friends Allison, Fiona, Jennifer, June and Val at the conference. Poor June is found by Fiona: she is dead in the lake. As the conference centre was cut off in Winter weather, the women have to assist one of the lecturers, Detective Sergeant Decker, to find out the cause of her death.

If you enjoy a cosy crime story with lots of twists and turns and a good dash of humour, I highly recommend Writer Winterland. The novel is published by Crooked Cat Books.

Winter Writerland

About the Author

Beatrice Fishback, originally from New York, lived in the East Anglian area of Great Britain for over twenty years and traveled extensively in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. She is the author of Loving Your Military Man by FamilyLife Publishing and, with her husband Jim, is the co-author of Defending the Military Marriage and Defending the Military Family. She has been published in various compilations, magazines and online websites.

She and her husband have spoken to U.S. military audiences in the USA, Germany, England, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Korea, and Japan. They have also presented to international audiences in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Latvia.

Beatrice and Jim currently reside in North Carolina where scones are called biscuits and are topped with gravy, and sadly tea that is served over ice.

Val Penny


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