Death of a Doxy by Chris Longmuir

It was when I was at a gathering of readers and writers and bloggers that I was lucky enough to win a copy of Death of a Doxy by Chris Longmuir. The author is a delightful lady and excellent company, so it was with a great deal of excitement that I began reading her novel.Chris Longmuir

Death of a Doxy is set in and around Dundee in 1919. The main character is Kirsty Campbell who represents the first WPC in Dundee, Scotland. Indeed, the book is dedicated to Jean Forsyth Thomson, the real first WPC in Dundee. This novel deals with the investigation of the murder of Lily, the most popular prostitute in Biig Aggie’s house. Kirsty and her boss DI Jamie Brewster must find out why Lily was murdered and by whom.Death of a Doxy

I very much enjoyed this book, particularly as it is set in a part of Scotland with which I am familiar. The historic aspects of the setting were also described. It is a good story that moves along nicely. I would highly recommend Death of a Doxy if you enjoy crime thrillers, especially with a historical twist. I look forward to reading more books by Chris Longmuir.

Val Penny


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