Outsiders by Jeremy Mills

I rarely read science fiction before my friend and fellow author, Louis K Lowy gave me an opportunity to read his intriguing novel To Dream – Anatomy of a Humachine reviewed here: https://bookreviewstoday.info/2017/02/24/to-dream-anatomy-of-a-humachine-by-louis-k-lowy/. I very much enjoyed that novel so when Outsiders by Jeremy Mills was book of the month at my book group, I was interested to read it.

Outsiders Book

I found this book a really gripping read. It is set decades in the future after a virus infected the population of earth and a group moved to the moon to keep the species alive.

The hero, of Outsiders is David Carder, lived his whole life in the quarantine provided by the moon. However, he is a trusted member of that community and is sent to the Earth to assess whether it is safe enough for all of the group to move back to earth.

Carder soon finds trouble and he makes a promise to a dying old man to find his daughter and warn her that her peaceful existence is about to be shattered. Carder eventually finds the daughter but is unable to stop her father’s warning from coming true.

I enjoyed Outsiders very much, it is a gripping thriller.

Val Penny



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