Death Wish by Linda Huber

I have enjoyed each book I have read by Linda Huber and when I treated myself to Death Wish, I was looking forward to it. I was not disappointed! It is an excellent pyschological thriller. Death Wish

The story revolves around two neighbouring households, each has their own issues. Their problems become increasingly interwoven througout the book until the shocking conclusion is revealed.

I make a point of not revealing spoilers in my reviews. Death Wish revolve ab=round two families. The first household comprises of Stu, Martine and their daughter Joda. Their family life is thrown into turmoil when Martine’s mother, Vee, who is suffering from Huntington’s Disease, comes to live with them. Vee wants to die with dignity. Huntington’s is a hereditary disease and Martine struggles with the thought that she may have the disease and could have passed it on the Joda.

The young couple who move in next door, Ashley and Leo find their relationship strained when Leo agrees to Ashley’s mother can move into the annex of their house, without fully understanding the depth of the issues between mother and daughter.

Death Wish is a gripping novel, published by Bloodhound Books. it would make an excellent book group read and, for those who enjoy books by Sophie Hannah, Betsy Reavley and Erin Kelly, I highly recommend it.

Linda HuberLinda Huber grew  up in Glasgow, Scotland, but went to work in Switzerland for a year aged twenty-two, and has lived there ever since. Her day jobs have included working as a physiotherapist in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, and teaching English in a medieval castle. Not to mention several years spent as a full-time mum to two boys, a rescue dog, and a large collection of goldfish and guinea pigs. Linda now lives in Switzerland, in a little town on the banks of beautiful Lake Constance.

Val Penny



  1. A very belated thank you – sorry I missed this! 🙂


    • Val Penny

      My pleasure, Linda. I enjoy your novels very much.


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