A Mind Polluted by Martin Geraghty

A Mind PollutedWhen I went on holiday recently, I took a few books with me so that I could sit in the sun, relax and enjoy. One of the novels was A Mind Polluted by Martin Geraghty, a new author from Glasgow, Scotland. This is his debut novel published by Crooked Cat Books. It is based on the story of the man who murdered Jo Cox MP.

A Mind Polluted tells the story of Connor Boyd who lives with his mother, father and brother in a tenement flat in Glasgow. The story is told in three parts. In the early part of the story, Connor is an able well-adjusted school boy. However, when he overhears an argument between his parents, his attitude to life changes profoundly.

In the second part of A Mind Polluted, Connor leaves home and goes to college. During that time, he shares a flat with a group of other boys who are students with him. They get on well, each having their own role within the group. Connor sees very little of his family and his life seems to be back on track. Connor finds love with Laura. Their relationship developes and Connor sees his future with her.

The last part of the book is very short, but sees Connor re-united with his family and he is able to explain his views to his mother.

The end of A Mind Polluted contains an emotional twist that shocks even Connor. The books is told throughout in a strong Scottish brogue in the author’s truly original voice. A Mind Polluted is a fine novel.Martin Geraghty

The author, Martin Geraghty, is a forty-something private investigator from Glasgow who has been writing for around eighteen months. In that time he has written his first novel, A Mind Polluted. Recently he began to write short stories and poetry which he has performed at various spoken word events and at a 404ink book launch. He has had pieces featured in Glove Litzine, Razor Cuts Litzine, Paragraph Planet and Next Month at zomag.co.uk

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