Foxtrot in Freshby by Awen Thornber

foxtrot in freshby bookAwen Thornber is a new author to me and I don’t often read romances but, when I was getting ready to go on holiday, I chose Foxtrot in Freshby to take with me.

Foxtrot in Freshby tells the story of dance teacher Gina Pendleton. She finds her boyfriend cheating with the person she thought was her best friend. As a result of this she throws her cheating boyfriend out of her house, which she inherited from her beloved grandmother. Unfortunately this means she has lost his contribution to the house and must find a way of earning extra money to pay her bills.

She decides to turn her large livingroom into a dance studio and run dance classes at her home. Her new friends who own the local store suggest a source of large mirrors that she needs to complete the look of the dance studio. When they come round to deliver the mirrors their freind Chris Jackson comes with them. Gina finds Chris very attractive. She even discovers he can dance when he invites her to his annual works nught out.

Gina’s new dance class incurs the wrath of the owner of the local well-established dance school and her life becomes even more fraught when she is targeted by vandals and intruders.

Chris is charming and very protective of Gina. So, it doesn’t take her long to realise that he is the man of her dreams, especially as he’s a wonderful dancing partner and willing to enter a major dancing competition as her partner. However, she becomes aware tha Chris is hiding something from her. As a result of this, she feels she cannot trust him. It amazes her to discover his secret when Chris turns up at her dance class unexpectedly.

Foxtrot in Freshby is a really good book for book groups and has an unexpected twist at the end. It will definitely appeal to everybody who enjoys watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ as well as those who just enjoy a fine romance.awen thornber

The author, Awen Thornber was formerly a textile artist and design consultant for a craft company. She produced craft projects and articles for magazines, and had a regular craft column in Northern Life Magazine. Awen is always looking for inspiration to spark her creative mind and currently devotes her time to writing novels. She was born and bred in Lancashire, England. Awen also loves walking, painting, ballroom and ballet dancing.

Val Penny



  1. Thank you for the review, This sounds my sort of book. Looking forward to reading it.

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    • Val Penny

      I’m sure you will enjoy Foxtrot in Freshby, Paula. It is a lovely story with a twist I’m sure you won’ see coming.

      Liked by 1 person

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