The Silence by Katharine Johnson

I very rarely make new year resolutions, but this year I made one that I think will be easy to keep: I plan to read more books by authors with whose work I am unfamiliar. I am so glad I did: I have found a real winner in The Silence by Katharine Johnson.Katharine Johnson

The Silence tells the story of Dr Abby Fenton who is married to govrenment minister, James. They have two delightful daughters and, to the outsider looking in, everything is perfect: but Abby has a secrect that she has never shared with James that threatens it all.

Abby’s secret dates back to the early 1990s when she spent two consequetive summers with her aunt, uncle and cousins at their villa in Italy. Abby recalls terrible events. She bears her feelings of guilt by blocking out the memories, but meetings and events over take her and prevent Abby from continuing that. The Silence

The story weaves deftly from those earlier vacations to the present day, and often this can be confusing. However, this author tells her story with such dexterity and skill, there is no confusion. The clues are gradually disclosed to the reader throughout the novel in a way that never undermines the readers intelligence but does challenge them.

This is a clever psychological thriller. A brillian story. One of the best I have ever read. This book would be perfect for book clubs. I understand Katharine Johnson has written other novels, I will seek them out too. In the meantime, I recommend The Silence unreservedly.

Val Penny



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  1. What a lovely review- thank you so much xx


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