Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

Sharon-BoltonI have always enjoyed books by Sharon Bolton that I have read including Awakening that is reviewed on this site: https://bookreviewstoday.info/2015/05/11/awakening-by-s-j-bolton/ and so, when I saw Daisy in Chains in my local library, I picked it up. I am glad I did! What a clever story.

Daisy in Chains is about a serial killer, Hamish Wolfe, who has been locked up for the rest of his life for the abduction and murder of three young women. Despite this, he has a fan club of women and he gets countless adoring letters every day. Hamish is handsome, charismatic and very persuasive. His admirers are convinced of his innocence, and that he is the man of their dreams.Daisy in Chains book

Hamish wants Maggie Rose to be his lawyer: he wants her to represent him at his appeal and secure his release. Maggie Rose is eclusive and enigmatic. She is a successful lawyer and also a bestselling true-crime writer and she only takes on cases that she can win..

Maggie Rose is different. She believes she is immune to the charms of Hamish and men like him. The novel Daisy in Chains tells their story.

I do not like spoilers in reviews, so I will not include one. Suffice to say, I read a lot of thrillers and did not spot the twist in this story until near the very end. Daisy in Chains is a highly accomplished novel and I recommend it.

Val Penny





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