Bethel Manor by Beatrice Fishback

Bethel Manor BookI am particularly fond of novels with stories of mysteries and atmosphere. Bethel Manor, by Beatrice Fishback is a novel published by Crooked Cat Books. It is the story of an inspirational romance. The action takes place during the Victorian era the engaging characters, wealthy Fredrick Shaw and his feisty daughter, Clare are the owners of Bethel Manor.

Frederick rescues James Winthrop Blackwell as he travels across England. When James Winthrop comes of age he goes in search of answers after being abandoned as an infant at Alpheton House Orphanage. He must come to terms with the reasons for his abandonment and resolve how God can still use someone whose parents chose to cast them aside.

The reader revels in the excellent descriptions of the countryside and the setting, Bethel Manor, is a place of magnificence and style. I loved the settings, especially the magnificent manor and the sub-plot of life there where the servants know secrets and the owner is a man of propriety and integrity.

Victorian England is brought to life in Bethel Manor with a cast of characters and the Bethel Manor authorcontrast of light and darkness throughout the adventure. Beatrice Fishback back wove a beautiful mystery story of love and forgiveness.

Love conquers all in this romantic Victorian tale as James sets off on a literal and spiritual journey to find the reason he was abandoned at birth, overcoming a series of obstacles in the way. I enjoyed Bethel Manor very much. It would be an excellent book club read and I highly recommend it.

Val Penny


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