How I Write a Novel: The Anaerris Code by guest author L.K.Kelley

My friend, L.K.Kelley, has a new book, The Anaerris Code coming out soon. I can’t wait to read it. This is how she went about writing it.

The Anaerris Code – Release Date: February 14, 2017

As has kind of become a tradition with my Publisher, DragonEye Publisher, my initial book will always be released on February 14! What better day to release a Romantic novel?

wolf 3Many people already know my personal and writing background, so I’m going to give an overall into how I write. But, since my first book series, I want you to know that the first book in my White Wolf Prophecy series has won an award for best ebook sales, and the series, itself, is 5stars!


I have been asked where the heck I came up with the name, Anaerris. Well, here’s how! I just bandied some words around, until I ended at Anaerris. Truth. I already had the story, and just needed a great new title that would grab your attention! I began the story of Gemma Elwood with barely a concept. As many know, by now, I write in scenes. I got the idea from commentaries from many different DVDs. I always enjoy listening to those just as much as watching the movies and shows! I know many writers use outlines, but I can’t use those. They are just too boring, and honestly, I cannot write by one. I couldn’t when I was in school, and it’s a totally useless way to work for me.

So, I “storyboard” my books. While I don’t have a huge whiteboard to work with, I do the acting, dialogue, and actions in my mind, until I have what I want. This lets the story flow smoother, and it’s a bit harder to lose continuity. Not that it cannot happen, but for me, it’s less likely. I guess I would have been diagnosed with ADHD, if that had been around when I was little. But, since I obviously have it, I use this method to help with that as well. My attention span can be relatively short-lived. My biggest problem is that my mind thinks so much faster than my fingers will allow me to write. And, for that reason, I write in scenes. It also allows me to write wherever I am! I can write in my head, and when I get home, I write the entire scene down.

The Anaerris Code is different. First, the name itself is different, but the characters in my book are as different as my 5 star, awardwinning,White Wolf Prophecy Series. In that series, I took the supernatural in different directions than the stereotypical supernatural characters. In the Anaerris Code, I do the same. Can you say Angels, Demons, other worlds, other realms, fae, and so much more! Gemma Elwood is adopted, and has a pug named Lola (most will recognize this name, since she is my cute little PR agent)!anaerris-code

The entire book centers around some strange things, which begin happening with increasing frequency. Gem works at the local library, which houses ancient documents, and she is charged with carrying for them. Unknown to anyone, though, an ancient book, the Anaerris Codex, has faded into nothing but myth. Gem is the one to find it, but she cannot read it. When something deadly happens to Gem, she and her friends begin to realize that she is more than just human. They have always been around her, but had no idea who she really was. Jaxxon Phillip Hawkins is a professor at the local college, and has little patience with either Gem or her bestie, Taylor Tamson, who also works at the library. He makes no bones about telling them their faults, either.

Massive storms have been erupting in the area, yet most are so localized, they blow up with pinpoint accuracy – something that is not found in nature, of course. When Gem is almost killed by flying shards of glass within the library, he comes to her rescue. But, when the next storm comes, Lola is almost killed at a small store not far from her own home. Her truck destroyed, and Lola almost killed inside it, next Gem’s home is also destroyed. As time goes forward, Gem discovers something about Jaxx that stuns her, and now, he won’t leave her side if he can help it! He was honor-bound to the Council of Ancients to never mate, but he certainly hadn’t seen Gem coming! Danger continues to follow Gem, especially one night when a storm follows her and Jaxx as they try to outrun it, only having disastrous consequences. It was here that everyone began to truly realize that Gem is no ordinary human. She is, in fact, not human. And, people are beginning to suspect Eloran and Delinear for they are the only ones who could effect the

Taylor, Rick, Stan, and his mate, Stacy, bind together to save Gem from some really evil beings who have control of the weather! Trouble after trouble follows constantly, keeping Jaxx from taking his mate, and his patience is tested when Gem disappears from the Earth, while he lay unconscious in the backyard of his estate. From the second that Gem awakes, it is very hot, and it takes her minutes to realize that she is being held prisoner in a volcanic prison! She desperately tries to find a way out, and when she does, something amazing happens! Later, she must retrieve the book. Without it, everything and everyone else is doomed! Three things must come together to change Gem into what she needs to be – the Anaerris Code, a crystal, and her mating with Jaxx.

While two have come together, the crystal is an unknown catalyst! The one who actually has the stone, no one knows, but Jaxx does. Together, the six of them must find a way to protect the book and try to find the crystal! One of the required acts has taken place. Gem and Jaxx are now mates, and they just have barely retrieved the book. Now, the crystal. Where is the crystal? No one knows – except three beings. But, while Gem knows she is special, what she doesn’t know is that the five around her, and the two who hate her guts, are from another place – that isn’t on Earth. But, it’s their true identity that can be their downfall!

I had so much fun writing this book, Val, that I’m already working on book two. I hope everyone will give it a read, because it’s full of angels, fae, other worlds, other realms, other characters! As with my White Wolf Prophecy book series, these are characters that have been taken out of the stereotypes, and put into roles that was never meant for them!

Thank you for letting me tell your readers about my new book, Val!

LK Kelley


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