The Trouble with Mattie by Mary A.Berger

the-trouble-with-mattieI first read a novel by Mary A. Berger, The Message, last year and reviewed it here . When the most recent edition of her first novel came out, I was pleased to receive a copy. I enjoy Mary’s style of writing.

The Trouble with Mattie is actually the first book in her series, although each of the novels stands alone perfectly well. Set in the hills of western North Carolina, The Trouble with Mattie is the story of the youthful, dynamic, comical, and recently widowed Mattalie Morgan In this adventure, Mattie finds herself removed into roomimg house, Autumn Leaves, after a spell in hospital. Mattie has already suffered the death of her husband, so it is her step-daughter, Eva, who arranged this move with no concern for Mattie’s happiness.

Mattie has doubts about Autumn Leaves which she finds are shared by another resident, Clare. So Mattie decides to investigate, and that is when the fun begins. She discovers that, although the facility is managed by Mr Reemes, the owner is a Wynn Prescott.

Eva retreats for a glamorous vacation rather than tending to Mattie’s well-being. Mattie, however, explores and tends to the well-being of others, including her friend Faye who is neglected by those at Autumn Leaves after she has a stroke. Then Mattie discusses things with Clare and decides to take matters at the rooming house into her own hands and stir things up a bit, much to the chagrin of Messrs Reemes and Prescott!mary-a-berger

While Eva is retrieved by another resident, Jed, Mattie’s nephew, Scott discovers the budget for Autumn Leaves on line. Mr Reemes does not come out well from the revelations in the accounts. Meanwhile the true extent of Eva’s duplicity is revealed and Jed has the joy of telling Mattie how Eva is to be punished. The story ends well for Mattie and Jed too.

The Trouble with Mattie is another neatly crafted story by Mary A. Berger. The novel tells the story of a gentle mystery with some good description and realistic dialogue. If you enjoy a good mystery, I recommend The Trouble with Mattie.

Valerie Penny





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