The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

I have read several books by Bill Bryson, Made in America is reviewed here: So, when I noticed his new novel The Road to Little Dribbling was out, I made a point of purchasing it. This book is a follow-up to Bryson’s book Notes from a Small Island, which I enjoyed. The Road to Little Dribbling re-visits some of the same places as Notes from a Small Island andBill Bryson new ones too. Bill Bryson was born in Des Moines, Iowa, USA in 1951. He settled in England in 1977, and worked in journalism until he became a full time writer. He lived for many years with his English wife and four children in North Yorkshire. He and his family then moved to New Hampshire in America for a few years, but they have now returned to live in the UK.

It was a long time since I had read one of Bryson’s travel novels, indeed, this is his first travel book in fifteen years, and I was so happy to have secured the new book. So, Bryson records again, a long-awaited, brand-new journey around the UK.

The Road to Little Dribbling begins with an amusing story of Bryson being hit on the head by a parking barrier and then another when he meets with his publisher to discuss ideas for the next book, that it would be a good idea to travel around Britain again. It was a good idea.

Road to Little Dribbling BookBryson writes some amusing anecdotes of travels around the UK, which made me chuckle. and about different places to those he had visited before, but you also revisits a few spots. I especially enjoyed the stories about the Seven Sisters and Runnymede, and he does include interesting details about whatever region visits, he even deals with some current events. Overall it was a delightful read but it contained far too little about Wales and Scotland.

However, compared to some of Bryson’s earlier books, The Road to Little Dribbling was a bit disappointing. This book just lacked something. I finished this weeks ago and since then I have been struggling to put into words why I found it wanting. Bryson did seem a little less charitable and a little more political than in previous books. Also, there just was not as much richness in this book. The Road to Little Dribbling was superficial in a way that Bryson’s previous travel memoirs were not.

I still enjoy Bryson’s writing and will likely read whatever book he writes next, I am just not sure that I will rush to buy it so quickly.

Valerie Penny


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