The Dark Horizon by Simon Hall

Now, I have a difficulty reviewing The Dark Horizon by Simon Hall and it is this: He is the man mentoring the draft of my first novel. I will meet up with him at the Swanwick Writer’s Summer School later this year for his advice. Should my review of Simon’s novel be gentler than usual. Life is not like that! I have asked Simon to be brutal (even if I cry!). So, sorry Simon, I will do as I will be done by! swanwick outside

Although Simon Hall is best known as a Crime Correspondent for the BBC, he is also the author of The TV Detective novels. The Dark Horizon is the first novel by Simon Hall I have read. The central character, Dan is a TV journalist caught between the demands of the two women in his life: his editor, Lizzie and his partner, Claire.Simon Hall

He is required to report on two major stories in Plymouth, England.

The first is of a local person who dresses up and leaves bags of money at apparently random places and times. Dan promises his friend, El that he will help him discover who the cashman is and why the money is being distributed. Some of the scenes between Dan and El are very funny, but I did not really think the character of El added much to the story.

The Dark HorizonThe second is the construction of Resugam a huge shooping mall on that destroys an area of natural beauty. There are objectors demonstrating against Resugam all the time. Deaths of a site guard, and a popular demonstrator result in raised feelings and an increased sense of foreboding as the opening of Resugam approaches. Bloodshed and death leave a trail of misery. However, Dan finds the murderer much closer to home than he expects.

The narrative of the story in The Dark Horizon twists to and fro as the author weaves his plot lines together to form an interesting conclusion. Do I have to read more novels by Simon Hall? No. Do I want to read more novels by Simon Hall? Yes, indeed.

Valerie Penny




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