Stormchild by Bernard Cornwell

b-cornwell-picMy husband always enjoys books by Bernard Cornwell, who is an English author of historical novels. Cornwell is best known for his novels about Napoleonic Wars rifleman Richard Sharpe and my husband has read ths series and most of the others too. So, when he recommended Stormchild to me, I knew it would be a good book. It is.

Stormchild is the boat owned by a famous, successful yachtsman, Tim Blackburn and his wife. They have already lost their son in the army, so when his wife dies in an explosion at sea, Tim feels obliged to establish that their daughter, Nicole, was not instrumental in her mother’s death. Nicole has disappeared after joining a mysterious environmental group called Genesis.

This is a stand alone novel and not part of a series. I did not understand all the nautical stormchild bookterms, as I am not a sailor.  However, this was an exciting book and quite an easy read. It is not a historical novel, but is set in modern times. For me, Stormchild, is probably a little longer than it needs to be, because I did not need the nautical detail, but I am sure if you are interested in sailing, that would be vital.

Like most of Cornwell’s books there is not a lot of characterisation but what this is made up for by a fast paced yarn which continually made me want to read more and more. Stormchild gave me lots of late nights as I rushed to the end of the book. I did enjoy it and, if you like an exciting, mystery, I recommend Stormchild.

Valerie Penny






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