100 Poems to see You Through: Bright Words for the Darkest Hours, by Daisy Goodwin

100 poems100 Poems to see You Through – Bright Words for the Darkest Hours is a book of poetry put together by Daisy Goodwin. She is a British television producer, poetry anthologist and novelist who was born on 19, December, 1961. This particular book was published in aid of Maggie’s Centres which are available throughout the UK for cancer sufferers. Maggie’s Centres offer free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends. Help is offered freely to anyone with any type of cancer. Sufferers can imply drop-in at any time and are always welcome.

When times are tough, whether because of illness, bereavement or receiving bad news, it can be hard to find the right words. That is why the Maggie’s Centre exist and why this beautifully packaged poetry book exist.  100 Poems to see You Through – Bright Words for the Darkest Hours comprises 100 life-affirming poems handpicked by Daisy Goodwin, an expert on poetry. The poems are grouped by theme from: ‘Hearing Bad News’ to ‘How To Carry On’. I chose this book to share at our Maggie Centreslocal poetry group.

This gem of a book features contributions from classical poets such as John Keats, Emily Brontë, W.H. Auden and Christina Rossetti alongside lines from more contemporary poets such as Philip Larkin, Elizabeth Jennings, Raymond Carver, Carol Ann Duffy and Wendy Cope. It includes some of my personal favourites, The Microbe by Hillaire Belloc, still I rise by Maya Angelou and the amazingly lyrical poem Do not go gently into that good Dylan Thomasnight by Dylan Thomas.

All of this adds up to a wonderful pick-me-up. It is like a self-administered drug and is guaranteed to make a dark day brighter and act as a great lyrical crutch. I have lived through cancer and you are welcome to read my website about my Maya Angeloujourney on https://survivingbreastcancernow.com. Whether or not you have been down that painful road, 100 Poems to see You Through – Bright Words for the Darkest Hours is a wonderful book and well worth exploring. I highly recommend it.

Valerie Penny




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  1. This is a really lovely anthology.


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