The Bounce! A Story of Love, Loss and Life of Global Indian – guest author Mohan

Mohan is an Indian American Information Technology executive with a multinational company headquartered in Europe. He has lived and worked in five countries across three continents, gaining a first-hand experience of working in multicultural environments. The Bounce! is his first book and is available for FREE download on Amazon from 8-10th May 2015 and will be free long-term for those with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited accounts.

 It is a great pleasure that Mohan has agreed to share his experiences of writing his book, here.

the Bounce1.      What is The Bounce! about?

This is a human-interest story that chronicles the life and adventures of a computer programmer, Raj, as he migrates across four countries spanning three continents. The first half of this engaging story is about Raj’s experience seeking love by moving back from America to India, eventually migrating to Canada with his new bride. During their journey, the couple experiences a tragic loss onboard an international flight.

The second half of the book chronicles the protagonist and his wife bouncing back. It is a story of love, loss and the life of an Indian American who happens to be an accidental beneficiary of globalization and offshoring.

2.      What inspired you to write The Bounce!?

I have written and blogged extensively on technology and management topics, but this is my first fictional book. I had been reflecting on an incident on a flight, back in 2008. My wife and I were relocating from Toronto, Canada to India and were traveling with a five and half month old child when tragedy struck.

I began writing the book in 2012. After attempting to write it as a biography, I switched to a fictional format earlier in 2015 as it gives me some creative liberty.  The book is an attempt at redemption, especially as writing has been very cathartic for me. By talking about my story, I am also hoping to provide some inspiration to others facing life’s challenges on bouncing back, as the title suggests.

3.      What was your goal when you wrote The Bounce!?

My goal in writing The Bounce! was simple. I had a story that I thought must be told.  It is also an attempt to show a human face to globalization and people in the dynamic global outsourcing industry that travel around the world.

4.      What do you wish to convey with The Bounce!?

The key message is about redemption. The theme of “The Bounce!” is all about the ability to bounce back, especially after unforeseen tragedies in life. I am hoping those facing life challenges will be able to look at my story and see that there is generally light even at the end of the darkest tunnel.

5.      Please tell us something about you as the author, Mohan mohan

I grew up in India.  After completing my masters from an Engineering college in Mysore and  joined a British software firm in Bangalore. This was nearly two decades ago and since then I have moved and lived across three continents in five countries and visited dozens others.

I now live the “Indian-American dream” in North Carolina with my charming wife Sujatha and adorable kindergartener Vijay.




  1. Valerie Penny

    Thank you so much for your article, Mohan. I am looking forward to reading The Bounce!



  1. The Bounce!: A Story of Love, Loss & the Life of a Global Indian by guest Mohan | book: The Bounce!

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