Two Faced by Manda Sue Heller

Several years ago my friend Amanda introduced me to the author Mandasue Heller. Amanda said that if I mandaenjoyed crime and thriller books, she though I would enjoy this author’s work. She was right. Another of Heller’s books, Forget Me Not, is reviewed on this site:…andasue-heller/.  Mandasue Heller was born in Warrington,Cheshire in England in 1962 but moved to Manchester in 1982. She spent ten years living in the notorious Hulme Crescents there, she found the inspiration for her novels. Not only is Heller a talented author and song writer, but she has also sung in cabaret and rock groups, seventies soul cover bands and blues jam bands. She currently lives in Manchester with her musician partner.

Bestselling crime writer Mandasue Heller will appeal to all Martina Cole fans too because of  her trademark mix of grit and glamour. Two Faced is a very clever story about Mia and Michelle who are identical twins with very different lives. When disaster strikes, quiet, bookish Michelle must pretend to be her sister Mia, a glamorous model. Michelle does a good job: perhaps too good a job. She even takes the man that Mia is in love with, for that she will never be forgiven. Mia and Michelle are twins who are both beautiful enough to be a top model. However, Mia is pure poison and puts them both in mortal danger.

two facedAlthough,Mia and Michelle could not look more alike, they also could not act more differently. Mia has always been the glamourous one and she has just become a model so is on the edge of achieving fame and fortune. Michelle looks just like Mia, but fame is the last thing she wants. She is much more interested in the man who has fallen in love with her but Mia has tried to drive him away. However, Mia cannot wait to sample the thrills that come with her success. When it all goes wrong, Michelle has to save her sister’s career.

I have loved each of the books I have read by Mandasue Heller, and this one was no exception. I hated the mother and Mia from the outset and got annoyed with Michelle. I wanted her to stand up for herself. Although I liked the book I did hate some of the characters but they were all interesting: so it works well anyway. Two Faced follows Mia and Michelle from birth to present day and the drama unfolds pushing the sisterly bond to the limit and endangering both their lives. This is a gripping story  by an excellent crime writer. I highly recommend the novel Two Faced.

Valerie Penny






  1. I remember this book and I agree, the mother and sister were not very nice people. Love Mandasue Hellers books



    • Valerie Penny

      Thank you for your comment, Lainy. Which of Mandasue’s other books have you read. Have I reviewed any others amongst your favourite books, or one’s you especially dislike? Are there books I have missed that you think I should review?


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