Love a poem by guest author Alison Beaumont

abHi Val, thank you for inviting me as a guest author on you site. I thought this little poem might be suitable for your blog.  We think of love as a feeling that we experience, but I see it as the energy that created and goes on creating this world we live in – when we feel love we are touching that energy.






Unwavering, eternal, silent, still;

the tiny core of all things, and yet

beyond everything known and unknown.

The artist’s hand on Earth’s living canvas.

A spontaneous river of beauty and heart

She paints the rhythm of the tumbling stream,

the delicate swirl of a falling leaf.

She paints the flutter of a butterfly wing.

The soft caress of sun on skin.

She painted me and you and gave us life.

She painted sound and sight and touch and taste,

that in her artistry we can delight,

and frolic with joy in life’s merry dance.

Alison Beaumont

love bookAlison Beaumont is a prize winning British poet and short story writer who lives in the South West Scotland. More of Alison’s writing appears in the anthology of poetry The Loudest Whisper published by United Press 2014, in the Natinal Poetry Anthology 2015 and on the website



  1. Alison is an important member of our group. Her work is always original.

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