Writing The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy by guest author LK Kelley

I stumbled into being a book editor in October of 2012 having been asked to edit a book for a friend who is an author in Wisconsin, USA. Even though I live in Arkansas, with today’s technology, of course, one can work anywhere in the world. For the next several months, I LKedited books using my minor in English when in college. I never thought to turn that into something like book editing. For the next several months, I edited until July of 2013. I had been reading books on the paranormal, but most of these were targeting teens. But, I was not satisfied with these, because I began to ask why in the world only teens were given these amazing powers, and why couldn’t an adult be given these powers when they were older. I also wanted more adult situations.

I knew that most adult women loved these situations where adult scenes were involved. 5050 Shades of Grey was an excellent example of this. So, I spoke to women of varying ages from 18 and older. I was absolutely amazed at how many were “secret readers” as well as those who told me that they were sick of the teen books as well, and wanted a more adult paranormal book! I knew that I was one of them, but I had no idea that 90% of those with whom I spoke felt the same way!

It was then that I sat down, and began to write my book in July. The more I wrote, the more I realized that I had enough material for three books. The story literally came from nowhere. I decided to take the paranormal and flip it on its side with the characters of werewolves, which surrounds the story, along with vampires, elves, and even humans, and taking them out of their “comfort zone stereotypes”, and giving them their powers at the age of twenty-seven instead of the typical teenage years. I also created them with a whole new idea giving them new attributes including each couples’ love story along with adult situations. The girls in the book were modeled after my own daughter and her friends – in the way they look, speak, and act. I gave each of them their own full backgrounds and stories of each – some reaching only a few years while others span thousands of years. The men in the book are all based on the ideal man with different attributes, backgrounds, and stories. I even have a few surprise characters and places within them as well.

I designed each character thoroughly for the adult woman who loves to read paranormal, romance, and fantasy books. Far from the typical teen books, the final book’s ending is like no other. I had had several requests as to how to end the book. At first, I had no idea what I was going to do – until another idea popped in my mind to COMBINE everyone’s requests! And, that is what I did giving the surprise ending to The White Wolf Prophecy is unlike any other book anyone has ever read. This is what sets my book apart from all other books within the same genres.

white wolfThe most recent book, released on February 14, 2015, is the last in my series of The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy. The series is as follows with the synopsis of each book, and links to both Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble & Nook. Other booksellers carry it as well.

Other links are:

Website: http://firebird4554.wix.com/white-wolf-prophecy

Twitter: @lkkelley1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewhitewolfprophecy?ref=hl


Googleplus: https://plus.google.com/b/106201914077430896285/106201914077430896285/posts/p/pub


The Trilogy’s full Titles and release dates:

“The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Mating ~ Book 1” – Released February 14, 2014

“The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Hall of Records ~ Book 2” – Released November 10, 2014

“The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Scroll of Time ~ Book 2” – Released February 14, 2015

Synopsis of Each Book & their links. All are available in the Kindle Store as well as Paperback.

“The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Mating ~ Book 1”



The White Wolf Prophecy was long known by the Clan of O’Hara – except for Kaitlan O’Hara.  Kaitlan was an editor for Seneca Publishing House owned by her Father, Canaan.   Knowing that her life was in danger from an enemy by the name of Zanack, Canaan sent Kaitlan to edit the book of their best-selling author, Cordone Valon, who lives deep in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Kaitlan was not looking forward to it . Or as Kaitlan so colorfully puts it:

“Forget ‘Neverland’. This was a trip into ‘Nowhereland’.” 

She resented her Father insisting she go to the one man she despised above all others.  Yet, she had never met him in person!  And, worse?  She was sent the day before her birthday!  

Her twenty-seventh birthday marks her entrance into the supernatural world of which she had no knowledge.  When Canaan is murdered, Cordone is left with having to tell Kaitlan about who she really is. Their passion is all consuming.  Their mating, fast and furious. From the moment she discovered who, and what, she was, everything changed.  

In order for the prophecy to come true, and an ancient “curse” broken,  Kaitlan, and her three best friends, Sarah, Anita, and Lynne, must mate.   

Who is The One called Zanack?  He killed Kailtan’s Mother, and more Clan females are dying. They have to find who it is and stop him.  The secret is in the ancient scroll of the Prophecy which has been missing for thousands of years.  Unknown by all is that there were two scrolls, and the only one ever found was a forgery….

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Hall of Records ~ Book 2



The Hall of Records holds all known knowledge of the Earth. Its true age is a mystery, and who built it, even more so – if it actually exists. Confused, not onlywolf 2 Kaitlan and the others are frustrated, but so is Zanack. Where is the real scroll?

Now, the curse has been broken, and Zanack is in a rush to find the real scroll. But, so are Kaitlan, Cordone, and the others. The one who finds the scroll will control everything. The interpretations of the forged scroll were wrong.

Why would someone write a forgery? Logic, according to Sarah, dictates that the forging of the scroll was to make sure that the real one remained undiscovered. Unknown to all, there is another scroll that could change the life of everyone on Earth. The second scroll, and its contents, are a mystery. While Kaitlan and her friends know only of the first one, Zanack has learned of the second one.

Zanack’s hatred of all beings no Earth is fed by his greed for dominance, and changes his vision. He doesn’t want just the O’Hara Clan. He wants it all. The destruction of Kaitlan, Sarah, Lynne, and Anita must be carried out in whatever way possible.

The fate of Earth is at stake. But, there is far more to all of this than meets the eye. For the truth is that it is not just the fate of Earth, but the fate of all Universes that is at stake.

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Scroll of Time ~ Book 2”



In the final book of the White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy, death comes to the world if Kaitlan and her friends do not stop Zanack.  But, in order to stop him, one or more must make the supreme sacrifice.  Who is going to survive?  Who will not?  That remains in the minds of all as they combine to face Zanack in the final battle.  But, they need one last scroll – The Scroll of Time – to aid them in their fight.  But, it is the single most powerful,  scroll ever written by the Wizards. So powerful that even the Wizards fear it. However, their arrogance would not allow them to destroy it, so they hid it in the Hall just hoping that no one would ever find it.  At least that is what they hope.  The Scroll of Time will lead them into another place where the final battle is to begin.  

wolf 3In the meantime, while everyone begins suffering from repetition, another, surprising secret is discovered which was kept from Kaitlan, and her family.  That discovery will lead Kaitlan to wield a power so great, she will become evil incarnate if she gives into it. Dahll warned her about this power, but still, it takes her to a place she never wanted.  

Will she give in, and become the most powerful, and evil being ever to be born? Or,  will her arrogance lead her to believe it will not happen?  And, what happens to the world if they do succeed in stopping Zanack? Will any of them have been born? Exist in some form? Or, will Kaitlan take what she feels is her right, and make the world into what she desires?

So many questions without answers that all the supers, and even Dahll himself, are worried.  Dahll sees no future where he stands.  Even the leader of the elves, Ali’on, is terrified for he is the only other who knows the true nature of the power.

It has been found, Ali’on?” Sandra asks.

It has.”

What now? It should never have been found,” she says

with horror in her voice.

However, we have another problem,” Ali’on says.



I do not understand, my love?”

It is who she is, Sandra. What she really is. And, the

power that is hers.”3

I thought she already had the power of The White


True. She does. But, that is not the power I mean. She

is about to inherit a power than can destroy her. Could make her evil. Zanack is not the worst thing that could happen. If Kaitlan embraces that power, Sandra, she could be seduced to use it.

And, if that happens…” he stopped.

What?” Sandra was shaking with terror.

Let’s just say the evil would be far worse than any that

has ever been unleashed on this world, or all the others,” Ali’on told her, and his face told her enough to scare her to death.



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