The Six Degrees of Mort Laitner (Apologies To Kevin Bacon) by guest author Mort Laitner

While reading through Valerie Penny’s Book Reviews (She reviewed A Hebraic Obsession and wrote “A unique and important book…”mort & book And…”The story needs to be read.”)I recognized a number of my favorite authors had also been reviewed on her blog: Andrew Neiderman (my ninth grade English teacher) ghost writer for V.C. Andrews and author of The Devil’s Advocate.Mitch Albom (my wife’s distant cousin) author of Tuesdays with Morrie and many more.

John Steinbeck (I have read all of his books, some of them to my children) author of The Red Pony.

Agatha Christie, (I read 20 of her mysteries as I Euro-railed across the continent in 1970) author of The Mousetrap.

kevin-baconI had seen Kevin Bacon in a movie the night before. The parlor game (Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon—Wiki it.) struck me as having relevance to my book and myself.

Thanks Valerie Penny for putting  A Hebraic Obsession and Mort Laitner within two degrees of separation to many of my favorite books and authors.

A Hebraic Obsession by Mort Laitner is reviewed on this site:…y-mort-laitner/.

Mort Laitner




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