Slow Road Home, Poems by Sheila Templeton

Those of you who are familiar with my reviews will know that Sheila Templeton is one of my favourite poets. I last heard her reading when she appeared with Michael Malone at Tidelines in the village. What a great combination! That evening I picked up a collection of Michael’s poems In The Raw, reviewed here ‎ I also secured another of Sheila’s anthologies Slow Road Home. This was Sheila’s first collection. It came out in 2004 and it has taken me until now to secure a copy! One of her other anthologies, Tender is the North is reviewed here,…eila-templeton/Slow Road Home

Although Sheila is a Scottish poet who hails from Aberdeenshire, Scotland she has traveled the world and now lives in Ayrshire in the south-west of Scotland. She has been publishing poetry since 1998 and won the Scottish Writer’s Poetry Trophy for Like a Visitor in 2002. That poem is included in The Slow Road Home, and it is most evocative. However, for what it is worth, my own favourites are Summertime and A Little Sleeve. Still, I am pleased no to have to choose and to have the whole collection to read and enjoy.

IMG_6868Sheila Templeton’s poetry has appeared in The Herald, New Writing Scotland and Poetry Scotland. If you have not yet read her poetry, I commend it to you now.

Valerie Penny



  1. Beautiful poetry! Beautiful person!


  2. I noticed Sheila Templeton won this year’s McCash CScots Language Poetry Prize. A worthy winner.


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  4. I really liked Val’s reviews and this is the reason why I invited her as an guest author in my book blog. You can find her contributions here: and Thank you, Val!



  1. Valerie Penny | A Hebraic Obsession

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