After the Interview by A. A. Abbott

After the Interview is the second novel by A A Abbott. Abbott is the pen name of English author Helen Blenkinsop. The author spent helen bmuch of her working life in finance and big business. This background is evident throughout the story.

The author was brought up in an industrial town that saw most of its industry evaporate over time. This is a theme she has explored in stories previously. She has said she still finds it hard to believe there are housing estates where, in her youth, streams of workers surged in and out of factories every day but where that option is no longer available and ware houses and regional call centres have taken over.

As a result of this, and of the writer having worked in London, Birmingham and Bristol, After the Interview wends its way birminghamthroughout England from South Shields to Bath and London to Birmingham, England. The author’s love of Birmingham is evident in this book.

This is a relatively short novel set in the real business world. Its wide cast of characters is involved in murder, fraud, infidelity as well as the awful interview in the title.

The story covers wide geographical interests including a stag night in Amsterdam, The Netherlands a Children’s home in Kenya, finance in Switzerland and plastic surgery in Prague, the Czech Republic.

I got my copy of After the Interview direct from the author immediately upon my request. If you would like a copy, you can contact the author via her website: and through amazon. prague

Valerie Penny



  1. A dramatic tightly written story.


  2. I really didn’t enjoy this book – thought your review was very kind, Val.


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